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  •  Chris #45328

      Hey all, so, I moved to Cork a year ago, only from Limerick, but now I find myself working away 8-5 and doing nothing outside of that, I know almost no one in Cork and it’s a pretty lonely feeling. I’m into the cinema, having a beer / coffee, exploring the county, walking and such, just looking to get to know people in any capacity really. I’m male, 31 years old, working, living in Blackrock, I’m just a normal person but finding at 31, it’s harder to make friends, surely I’m not the only person thinking this???

    •  laura #45821

        hey gimme an email if u like 🙂

      •  Leah B #45830

          Hey Chris, understand where you’re coming from and know how tricky it can be getting settled into a new place. Enjoy all those things too. email add is

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