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  •  carolc130 #53948

      Hiya all,
      Just wondering if there are many gals and guys out there looking for friendship in Cork? I am a 28 yo mum who is looking for new friends. Most of my friends have gone travelling or moved away etc so there are very few friends left here in the Cork area! Boo hoo! I am interested in most things, easy going and friendly. Would love to meet up for a cuppa or whatever .Thanks Car 👍

    •  Dannie200 #53953

        Hi im living in city centre,im 34 same boat give me a text 0871931236

      •  aoifxoxx #54134

          hey girl I’m 27 2 kids living in cork city find it hard 2 meet new ppl espesh with kids

          •  carolc130 #54135

              Hiya Chick! I know how you feel girl. All your time is taken up with kids and it’s hard to get time for yourself to meet new people. Here’s my email if you fancy chatting girl [email protected]

          •  Corkguy276 #54210

              Male 33 here. I would be interested in meeting if you are still looking. Work in the city centre.

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