Country girl looking to make friends in Dublin (Swords/Malahide are)

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  •  Avril #42268

      Hi all. Living in Dublin a while but find it very hard to make friends up here! Just looking for a few girls to meet up with & have a chat, coffee, maybe if you like the gym we could even train together. Just some ideas! Drop me a mail πŸ™‚

    •  missy #42276

        hey avril,

        how are you? i just read your post and would like to chat some more πŸ™‚
        whats your email, il get you on that chick πŸ™‚

        •  Avril #42337

            Hi Sabrina & Missy. Drop me a lime on [email protected] you’ll find me there. Sorry I disappeared from here I couldn’t find my post for ages & thought it didnt upload! πŸ™‚

        •  Sabrina #42278

            Hi Avril

            I’m in the same situation, country gal too living here the last 4 years. Would love to chat and hopefully meet up!


          •  Jackie #42381

              Hi girls I’m in similar situation to you country girl living in Dublin. Would love to meet up for chats some time my email is

              •  orlagh #54885

                  Hi Girls, Would any of you be keen to meet up for drinks in town some Saturday night?

              •  Laylipops #44383

                  Hi Girls!

                  I am in the same situation here and it has now been…. 2 years. Tried the gym and failed. Depressing really haha…. If any of you would like to meet up, here is my email address :
                  I am French and live in Swords as well.
                  Hope to hear from you soon

                •  Anita #46823

                    I moved in to Malahide last year, find it hard to make new friends while working full time. I would love to meet for coffee and chat. I am 36yo. Looking forward to reply πŸ™‚

                  •  Gracey #47050


                      I’m moving to Malahide shortly from just down the road but would love to meet some new friends in the area…. I am a 33 yr old stay at home mum to a 3 yr old and 1.5 yr old and am expecting again in the new year. Since leaving the work place have lost touch with allot of friends. Days can be long and would love to meet up for chats, coffee and getting out about with or without kids.


                      •  Tanya #47348

                          Heya gracey
                          Mail me sometime if ya wana chat or meet up πŸ™‚
                          I have 2 year old boy πŸ™‚

                        •  Orly8887 #54302

                            Hi b in both malahide and swords kinda in same both my other half works a lot n do b left a bit in house.on my own…n.havent ventuerd really t make new.friends in all mine live south side or in country.. If u like.t catch up my e mail [email protected]

                        •  orla #47135

                            Hi Anita, Just saw your post now. You are welcome to join myself and a friend for drinks in town tonight. Send me a reply if interested!!

                          •  Som #47136

                              Hi all!

                              Newbie to Dublin and Ireland in general. I don’t know anyone here. Happy go lucky girl, looking to meet some easy going people here.

                              I am living in Swords at the moment.


                            •  orla #47276

                                Hey Anita, Mail me if your keen to meet up for drinks some weekend.

                              •  Lili #47347

                                  Hello, Im new to Malahide aswell, in my mid twenties and would like to meet people for doing sports/gym/running or just coffees and chats! πŸ™‚ i am really easy going person!

                                •  Jacqui #52300

                                    Hi there, I have just joined this site so I wondering if those interested in catch ups in Swords and Malahide area is still active? Thanks

                                  •  girls time #52335

                                      Hi girls same situation like you all. Live in swords at the moment looking for new friends for coffee, chat and nights out. My email address is [email protected]. Email me if your on

                                    •  Andreea #52488

                                        Hey girls, I am Andreea, I moved to Ireland 2 years ago for college and I don’t have too many friends here. Would love to meet up for a chat, coffe, movie, my email is [email protected] πŸ™‚

                                      •  hill23 #52500

                                          Hi Girls,
                                          Im in the same situation myself lookin. For some fellow female friends to socialise with. Unfortunately not in the Malahide area im living near Dundrum but if anyone fancies meeting up and having a ️️chat email me its [email protected]

                                        •  Fifi35 #54434

                                            Hi everyone!! I’m in the same boat as you all, looking to expand my circle as my own friends I only see every few months now, def looking to meet up for gigs, eating out, coffees, gym etc. My email is [email protected]. look forward to hearing from you soon, Fiona

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