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  •  Rebecca #42052

      Hey there,
      My name is Rebecca, I’m 20 years old and from Dublin. Since I finished school I’ve lost touch with my old friends and am looking to meet new people who are into the same sort of stuff as me.
      I am creative, I love music and gigs, going out for coffee/lunch/dinner, shopping, very much into fashion.
      I love places like the twisted pepper, grand social, sweeneys, basically anywhere that’s chilled out and full of artsy kind of people 😉
      If anyone is interested in getting a few people together and maybe forming a group, I’d love to add you on facebook for a chat and try to organise something.
      Look forward to it!

    •  N :) #42053

        hey becca! i am nadia 🙂 u seem a very nice girl so here’s my email 🙂

      •  Fran #42063

          Hi Rebecca

          My name is Fran I’m 25 and living in Dublin 4 years with my boyfriend. I’m originally from Carlow. What type of music are you into? If I’m out in town it’s usually at the twisted pepper or the grand social. Sure email me if you want to chat

        •  Annicka #42464

            I might be a bit behind time vise but I’m a 19 year old au pair from Sweden. I just moved to Dublin a couple of weeks ago and I am still a bit new to the whole making friends in a new town thing. Anyhow I’m also into going to gigs (although I don’t go as often as I should) I like shopping and I’m quite a nerd when it comes to films. As I’m new to Dublin I’m looking foward to finding all the good cafés and pubs and what nots. Anyhow you sound like a lovely person and I’d love to chat 🙂

          •  atchayaram #42530

              Hi, rebecca:
              This s atchaya,came to dublin just 40 days back, am feeling very bored would like to meet up new friends.i love music and i think thats the common thing among us

            •  Laura #42537

                Hey I’m a 21 year old student, I’d love to add you to Facebook so we can talk 🙂

                •  atchaya #42548

                    yeah fine search my name as atchaya ram,whats your profile name

                •  Nathania #44000

                    Hi, I can see that I’m a bit late in replying to your post so you might not see this bug I’ll give it a go anyways. I’m nathania and I’m 21, I’m originally from dublin but moved around a lot so I haven’t actually settled back in. I like going out for drinks and dancing. also love shopping and just going for coffee. Anyways here’s my email

                  •  Roisin #44032

                      Hey Rebecca! I 22, from Cork, moved to Dublin nearly 2 months ago. I studied art and I’m not working in a studio up here, and would love to meet some artsy people. I’m always dying to go to gigs in the twisted pepper but the only people I’ve been hanging around with really so far are my housemates who’ve been living in Dublin a while now and already have their regular spots for going out. I’m also very much into fashion 😛 If you’d like to meet up for coffee or there’s a group of ye getting together I’d love to join 🙂


                      my emails is

                    •  Emilia #44036

                        Hi I’m Emilia just like u looking for some nice people to spend some good quality time and have some fun I would be very happy to me u 🙂

                      •  Megan #44044

                          Hi I’m Megan, a 22 year old American au pair here for the year. I’m new to town and don’t know many people. I’m pretty easy going and up for pretty much anything. Going out for drinks, coffee, gigs, cinemas, ect. Here is my email if you’d like to meet up.

                        •  Tadhg #44051

                            Hi rebecca,
                            My name is Tadhg Im 20 years old and studying engineering in dublin. Your story about drifting away and looseing contact with your old (school) friends sounds very familiar. I would consider myself quite social and open but i like to play guitar and read which i give alot of time to. Im very intrested in what music you like and would like to stress that i like some of pritty much everything 😀 anyway add me on fb or email me and we can meet up.

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