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      My cuddly little bear has gone missing πŸ™ … Any brave and beautiful women want to take her place?

      She was cute, cuddly, genuinely affectionate, charming, with a soft spot or two, loveliest pair of eyes: one green button, and one dark blue (a tragic Tomcat accident a few years ago, and I could not find another green button to sew on), summer freckles, shiny nose and a green ribbon scarf around her neck. She was fair-furred type of a teddy, reasonably fit and quite tall as for a stuffed toy. References said she was well-educated, and was definitely intelligent, and we could talk for hours over hot ChocΓ³ or ice-cream. She definitely had a cheeky side to herself though, if not to say naughty, but was always presentable to the public… she was a bit shy about that dark blue eye though…

      So if you possess similar qualities, are around your late twenties early thirties, and don’t call your mom and parole officer every morning (qualities that just naturally come to teddy bears), and smell of French perfume (I swear she did!), I would really appreciate your help. It is really really difficult to sleep happily when you have no one to cuddle πŸ™

      Oh, forgot to add – my Teddy was single… Very very very single… Exceptionally, painfully single…

      If you are up to the challenge email me at [email protected]

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