Culchie girl in Dublin 33

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  •  Katiewithak2503 #52332

      Hey everyone, looking to make friends with females or males to go to gigs and experience the randomness that is Dublin. Trying to get fit aswell so up for new things and challenges! Consider myself very down to earth and enjoy a bit of banter, not adverse to the odd cheeky drink. 🙂 feel free to message!

    •  Abigailadair #52480

        Hi Katie,

        I’m pushing hard to get fit too! I moved to Dublin back in November and really need to find a work out buddy! Perhaps reward ourselves with a cool beverage after! 😉 let me know! Abigail

        •  Katiewithak2503 #52481

            Haha Abigail I like your style! How are you getting on? Where in dub are you living? I’m south Dublin, work on the north circular though!

            Give us a shout 🙂

        •  fi #53317

            Hey katie,

            My name is Fi, in my thirties and also from the country. My circle of friends is decreasing due to everyone moving out of Dublin. Would be great to meet up with some new people and build some new friendships. Im interested in traveling, meeting new people, nights out, music etc . If you would like to get in touch please email me at [email protected]

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