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  •  Maria #47462

      I’m coming to Dublin for month in December. I’m going to have a lots of time to spend so would be really nice to meet some new people πŸ™‚
      So really shortly about myself1735, I’m 21 and from Finland.

    •  Shane #47467

        Hey Maria,

        I’m Shane. I’m 24 and have lived in Dublin all my life with the exception of a year I spent travelling the world. I love meeting ne people from different countries. I like the usual cinema, going for a drink, going for food etc. Give me a shout if you wanna meet up sometime. I can even show you some of the touristy stuff if you want😜

      •  Paula #47475

          Hello! I am coming to Dublin as well and I would like to meet people .I am from Barcelona and enjoy going for a drink , going to the cinema , dancing and just having new experiences.

        •  Arvind #47482

            Hello Maria/Paula

            I am Arvind 26 year old Indian guy. I came some weeks back for official stuffs and looking for new friend.

            Please feel free to contact on my ID http://scr.im/3aiv.


          •  Maria #47493

              Send me a message if you are interested in to chat πŸ™‚

            •  Becky #47525

                Hey Shane,

                I saw you are interested in meeting new people. I’m from Germany and I want to meet irish people who can show me dublin πŸ™‚
                Text me if you want to do something. Email: http://scr.im/3b3z

              •  Becky #47526

                  I’m sorry I made a mistake. here my email adress again: http://scr.im/3b40

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