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  •  fitzy100 #54378

      Hi, My name is Ann-Marie, living and working in Dublin. Originally from Tipp.
      I’m 29, living with my boyfriend in Dundrum area. Most of my friends have moved away, so looking to expand my circle šŸ™‚ Looking for female friends who are interested in meeting up for coffee, walks, cinema, gigs and the odd night out!

      If you are in a similar situation would love to hear from you.

    •  jane.lynch001 #54381

        Hi Anne Marie,

        Your post sounds similar to what I’m looking for. My friends who are in relationships only ever want to do stuff with their partners and we rarely all meet up for anything these days so looking to expand my circle with someone interested in few nights out, I also like my walks and just the usual stuff.

        Be great to hear back from you. I’m Jane by the way and am slightly older at 34

        My email is [email protected]


        •  fitzy100 #54382

            I sent you an email šŸ™‚

        •  A.k. #54387

            Hi Ann Marie!
            I would love to grab a cup of coffee with you!
            Iā€™m 28, moved in to Dublin year ago and your situation sounds very similar to mine.
            Let me know what you think! 😊

            •  fitzy100 #54388

                Hi. What part of Dublin are you
                living in?

                Could you provide your name and an email and I’ll get back to you šŸ™‚

            •  Fifi35 #54407

                Hi all, I’m Fiona 36 and living in Dublin 9. I’m in the same boat, don’t see my friends as much now, every couple of months, and I’m looking for friends to hang out with, go to gigs, on holidays, walks etc. I’ve tickets for a few gigs this summer & my friends have no interest at all, while I’ve no problem going on my own, would be nice to have a few female friends to go with!! Would love to hear from you, my email is [email protected] x

                •  Eclair #54423

                    Hey ladies, I am in a similar situation. Iā€™m 30 and living in Dublin. I would like to meet some new friends to hang out with, get coffee, shop, walk, nights out etc. My email is [email protected]

                •  Eclair #54424

                    Hey, Iā€™m new to this site so Iā€™m unsure if my previous post is showing but Iā€™m also interested in meeting some new friends. My email is [email protected]

                  •  [email protected] #54429

                      Hi, I am Stephanie. New to this platform and new to Dublin. Love what I have read so far on this post. I Stay with my bf as well. Seeking for new girlfriends also. I see us all having a girls hang out/night out.

                      You can reach me on [email protected]


                    •  [email protected] #54430

                        For some reason, I can’t see my previous reply, New to this site. I would love to have female friends as well. We could all plan to link up if possible. Reach me on [email protected]


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