Dublin area: Girly chats, meet ups new friends?

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  •  LK #45267

      Hi I’m looking to meet new girls for friends. I have drifted from my closer friends with college, work and boyfriend so I would love to meet up with new people.drop me a message if your interested 🙂

    •  Sarah #45269

        Hi a group of us of this r meetin for da first time tomoro if u want to join us da more da merrier mail me http://scr.im/35dj

      •  Renata #45300

          Hey there 🙂

          I have been living here since last August, relocated from Hungary, 30 years old professionals, and looking for outdoor activities, friends, I like chatting, dancing, hiking, cooking, doing yoga, meditation, etc.
          It would be nice to meet new people and get some friends here 🙂

        •  T.F #45323

            Hey I’d love to go for a bite or a few drinks out in town? If any girls interested? 🙂

          •  T.F #45325

              Hey same thing happened to me sucks.. love a night out 🙂

            •  Shauna #45829

                The fact that you used girly chats in this makes me think we will make great friends! Get back to me with your email, maybe we could add on facebook?

              •  michelle #45832

                  Hi shauna im looking to make new friends to im 25 years old i hope you will get back to me thanks

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