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  •  LondonKel #53329

      Hello to all, my name is Kel and i’ve lived in Dublin for the past 8 months. originally from London UK i’ve lived in Ireland overall for 2 years.. I’m 27 and live in the Dublin 9 area at the moment. pretty much just looking for similar females to meet up with for coffee, drinks, local gigs and food. A bit about me: I love music and i’m quite eclectic with my taste in music but i would favour the likes of Indie and Rock over other genres. I do enjoy my nights out but at the same time, sometimes i just want a pizza, some hot wings and a good horror, thriller or comedy film to watch and relax for a night in. Lattee’s are my coffee choice and i would favour Costa’s over StarBucks any day :p i’m a pretty easy going person. i’m on here because to be brutally honest, i miss having friends that are not just my work mates or male friends that i’ve met through my boyfriend. moving and leaving your best friends who you would usually see on a regular basis is tough and trying to make friends in your 20s (unless you go to uni) i find is even harder! so yeah, drop me a line if you feel you wanna chat and possibly meet up for a alcoholic beverage or two πŸ™‚

    •  chill #53338

        Hello Kel. I’m female, 30, also originally from the UK (East Anglia) and moved just south of Dublin in February this year. We seem to share several interests… I’m a tea person, but lattes are my coffee of choice. My email is [email protected]

        •  LondonKel #53342

            Hey Charlotte, thanks for the email address. i’ll email you now. thought i’d give you a heads up incase you spot a random email and think its one of those dodgy spam mails.

        •  serendipity_d #53343

            Hi both! I am new to Dublin as well (got in on Sunday!). I’m 29 and from London too and would love to meet up with both of you! Definitely a coffee person but I can be persuaded by any form of caffeine!

          •  Suzi #53345

              Hey ladies, I would love to meet up for drinks, chats, coffee, whatever goes. Im 29, and based in north Dublin 13. My email is [email protected]. Drop me a mail there x

            •  Tatjana-89 #53375

                Hey Kel,
                My name is Tatjana and J am 27y old. I relocated to Dublin last Sunday and I’m staying in Smithfield. If you wanne grab a coffee or so, just email me [email protected]

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