Female 35yr looking to make new friends in Tralee/Killarney

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  •  Anntralee #54343

      Hey guys,Femake 35yr professionalisms working,I’m looking to make new friends to go out and have a laugh or just galavant somewhere, most of my friends seem to married or in a fling and they’ve gotten very boring!
      Male or female it doesn’t really matter, coffee,cinema,alcoholic drinks,climb mangerton or go shopping?! Obviously not in the one day but enjoy a laugh and like to have a bit of banter etc

    •  Tomfo06 #54344

        Hi there I’m a 32 year old male looking for friend in tralee and killarney. if interested please get in touch with me. genuine male here.

        •  Anntralee #54345

            Hey tom,
            Sher why not! I don’t want to put my mobile up on this thing to be honest! Where you living?

            •  Tomfo06 #54346

                I’m living and working in tralee. how about you?

          •  Anonymous #54373

              Hi Ann, I’m Kathy, I’m 35 and living in Tralee. My email address is [email protected] if you want to contact me and we can arrange something😊

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