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  •  ollie88 #52862

      Hey, I’m Olivia, 26yo female, and hoping to make some new female friends. I’m in south east side of the city and would love to meet new people to go for walks and jogs, coffee, pubs on weekends, travelling around Ireland and elsewhere, cooking and checking out new restaurants, etc. If you’re looking for a similar friendship, it’d be great to chat with you 🙂

    •  lilly #52883

        Hi Olivia,

        I am also looking to make new friends in Dublin, I have same interest as you. I love going for walks, coffees, lunches..etc. I live in IFSC and I am quit familiar with the south side of the city. If you would like to meet up please give me a shout ==> [email protected]

        •  ollie88 #52885

            Hey Lilly 🙂 Just sent you a message

        •  Sarah #52895

            Hi im sarah 30 living on south side looking to expand circle of friends . Easy goin so up for anythin 😊 [email protected]

          •  HannaPurplee #52905

              Hi! My name is Hanna and I am 26 years old currently living in Sweden. But this autumn I will be in Ireland for 3 months and meet new people! I like pub life, walking around exploring, eating, movies. Many things. So write me back!! 😀

              •  ollie88 #52908

                  Hi Hanna

                  Sounds great! Would be fun to explore the city while you’re here. You can email me at [email protected] 🙂

              •  Anonymous #52916

                  Hi everyone. My name is Fiona. I’m 29, not really new to Dublin but looking to make some new friends in the city. 🙂

                  •  ollie88 #52918

                      Hi Fiona,
                      Thanks for the message! My email address is above and we can connect that way 🙂

                  •  stellar14 #52924

                      Hey there! Im up for meeting up 🙂 im living in the southside too, my mail is [email protected]

                    •  Evaxox123 #52928

                        Hi, I’m Eva and I’m 25. From Crumlin on the South Side. My email address is [email protected] if any of yous wanna meet up for wine and the likes haha 🙂

                      •  Dara #53259

                          Hi Olivia,
                          My name’s Dara. I also live in south Dublin. I’m 27, I moved to Dublin 3 weeks ago for work and would like to meet new people and hopefully make some new friends. I like traveling, going out, cooking and trying new things .

                          Hope to hear from you if you’re interested.


                          •  ollie88 #53262

                              Hi Dara, welcome to Dublin!
                              Would be great to get to know you. Send me an email at [email protected] and maybe we could get together for a coffee sometime!

                          •  Tatjana-89 #53278

                              Hey Olivia,
                              My name is Tatjana and I’m 27. I’ll move to Dublin around the 28th of August (from Germany) for a new job and would like to find some friends.

                              I like hiking, doing workouts, enjoying a glass of wine, drinking coffee or just relaxing in a park if the weather allows it.

                              Would be great to meet up with you and other girls you already met.

                              My email address: [email protected]

                            •  SarahG #53321

                                Hi Olivia,

                                My name is Sarah. Im 27 living on the south side too. Have similar interests to you and am looking to meet new people and hopefully make some friends.

                                Would be great to meet up with you and a few others.

                                My email is [email protected]

                                Looking forward to hopefully hearing from you.

                              •  Lynn811 #53323

                                  Hi all! I’m Lynn, 27 years old, looking to meet new friends for coffee chat, hiking, trips, & other adventures in Dublin 🙂 my email address is [email protected]. Looking forwards!

                                •  CHall #53324

                                    Hi Olivia,

                                    My name is Christine, 25 and I have just moved to Dublin earlier this month from Scotland. It looks like we share a number of interests so would be great to meet up with you.

                                    Feel free to contact me at [email protected]


                                  •  Mara #53326

                                      Hi girls, Im 25 from spain and i’m looking to expand my circle of friends. I live in D3 but can meet anywhere in town really. I’m into the usual stuff, going out, shopping, chatting over coffee, etc. I also love dancing so if anybody wants to join dance classes in the city centre I’d be up for that 🙂 Give me a shout if you wanna meet up: [email protected]

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