Female friends in Dublin ~ 25-35y

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  •  Tatjana-89 #53280

      Hey everyone,
      My name is Tatjana and I’m 27.
      I’ll be moving to Dublin (from Germany) end of August and would love to go for coffee and meet new people – Irish gals as well as foreigners. I’ll move alone and do not know anyone and since you’re on this website I’m sure you know how important girlfriends are 🙂

      I like to go for coffees, dinners, once a while clubbing, go on hikes, travel around, do workouts and I am up for new activities. I pretty much enjoy a mix of activities – being active (e.g hikes) as well as relaxing.

      Just message me, if you’re interested in similar activities:
      [email protected]

    •  llaura.cl #53381

        Hi Tatjiana I’m Laura, 24! Just moved to Dublin today for at least a year, for work! Would love to meet up to walk around the city or go hiking! Let me know,

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