Female friends in Dublin;shopping,cinema,pub etc

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  •  Babs #46053

      I’l like to make some new female friends as I’m new in Dublin. I enjoy cinema,dancing,Zumba,reading novels,shopping,going to live shows/concerts,walking,going to the gym or just chatting over coffee.BDW I’m 32 yrs,black & straight;not looking for a relationship,just pals pls!
      pls contact me if you share any of my interests….age,race,appearance,sexual orientation,marital status are all irrelevant,But you MUST speak some English,cos girls gotta chat right?
      Cheers girls!

    •  Becky #46070

        Im Becky and Im 24 from the UK moving to Dublin soon and I love pretty much all the things you mentioned so we would definitely have stuff to talk about, and don’t worry I’m straight too so unfortunately a romance is off the cards. If you fancy chatting a bit my email address is http://scr.im/36mx

        cheers Becky šŸ˜€

        •  Oz #46074

            Hi Babs and Becky,

            My name is Oz, Im 34 female and living in Dublin my whole life. Bit of a different story for me. My closest friends have either moved away or are busy with family and kids so I am looking to meet new friends. I am gay but have a GF so in no way looking for anything like that. Simply new friends to hang out with. I did Zumba too for three years and had to stop as the class finished. Loved it. I love to travel and will be heading to China in two weeks. Very excited so I am! Love the cinema and really just meeting in town after work for some chats etc.

            Oh and to you both….welcome to Dublin!!!

            Chat soon

            Oz xx

            If you guys wanna chat more please feel free to contact me.

        •  Babs #46097

            Hi Oz,
            Nice to hear from you!Will definately want to chat.You didn’t leave ur email or I’ll have sent u a private mail.Anyhow my email is http://scr.im/36r1,do get in touch…and enjoy ur China trip,I love travelling too,and have done quite a bit of it,really envy you😀

          •  Dee #46160

              Hi girls,

              My name is Darryl (not a guy…just have a guy’s name haha). Im 27 and live in Wicklow, close enough to Dublin. Just looking to make new friends to hang out with and get to know. I’m straight so not looking for anything but friends and girly chats! I love music, movies, cinema, shopping, lunch/dinner out, hiking when I can, fitness etc. Would love to make some genuine friends so if any of you are up for hanging out some time that would be great! šŸ™‚ My email is http://scr.im/36tc šŸ™‚

            •  fiona #46171

                Heya woukd to meet up http://scr.im/32cx send a mail 😃

              •  Valentina #46182


                  I’m also new in Dublin and I would like to go out, movie, dinner what ever. I’m very friendly and i just enjoy to make friends. How can I contact you?

                  •  Babs #46221

                      Hi Valentina,
                      Just check the posts and click on the emails(orange color),you can email whomever you feel like chatting with.Hope to hear from you…will be nice to hang out with other newbies sometime.

                  •  Noemi #46222

                      Hey, I would like to meet you too šŸ™‚ If you are interested, you can write me an email.. http://scr.im/36ws

                    •  Melissa #46227

                        Hi! I’m 34 married from the States and moved to Dublin a little while ago. I’d love to make some girlfriends here to hang out with. I like going out for drinks, food, coffee, movies, shopping but am open to other activities. If you’d like to hang out contact me!

                        •  Tanya #46319

                            hi Melissa
                            Mail me sometime if u wana chat šŸ™‚
                            I’m also married and have a little boy


                        •  ClaireAnne #46341

                            Hey Babs, Becky and Oz,

                            You all seem so nice :). Im in Dublin 2-3 years and although i live with my boyfriend, I would love so much to meet new friends.

                            Im 27, i love simelar things, i love chatting and dancing and having the odd drink, love nature and walking too.

                            Please feel free to get in touch. šŸ™‚

                          •  Silvia #46389

                              Hi! I’m Silvia, I’m 21 and I’m from Spain
                              I arrived in Dublin one month ago and I’m going to be here for a year (I just finished my degree, Childhood Education, and now I’m working as aupair). I love live music, reading, chatting… and it would be great meet people from Dublin and also keep on practising English šŸ™‚ so well, you seem nice people so if any of you want to, you can put in contact with me šŸ™‚

                            •  Lieke #46595

                                Hi girls!

                                I’m happy to see I’m not the only one looking for some more friends. I’ve been living in Ireland for over 5 years, I used to be together with an Irish guy we broke up last year and with that I lost a little social circle. So would be great to meet some girls to hang out with.I’m 30 yrs old and lively and chatty. I like shopping, dinner/tea, cinema, fitness / bodypump, walking and hiking. I try to get out of the city on the weekends to go on walks etc would love for someone to join me.

                                Not sure if you have already, but would it be an idea to all meet up for a drink sometime?

                                You can email me http://scr.im/38t6

                                Lieke xx

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