32 year old female looking for female friends :)

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  •  glitterbomb #51854

      I’m 32, irish girl living in Lucan, Dublin. I’m single and all my friends have boyfriends and families so I’m finding myself getting quite lonely and feeling like I have no life!!
      would love to meet some girls in a similar boat who are up for a laugh…I work mon -fri but at weekends id love to meet for movies, liquid lunch n chats, nights out etc. just an ordinary fun girl really πŸ™‚

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    •  chick25dublin #51861

        Hiya that sounds like a great idea. Everyone meet up for a few drinks get to know each other Im 31 love the usual things cocktails shopping cinema

        •  shivb #52014

            hi i just saw this post im siobhan and like most of you all my friends are narried with partners and have kids.i have a boyfriend but seriously need my own gal time

        •  glitterbomb #51864

            mmm cocktails πŸ™‚
            yeh im the same, into the same usual girly things πŸ™‚

          •  Sarah #51865

              Hi girls

              Im definely interested cocktails yummy a nice strawberry daiquiri 😍 unfortunely im in london da 21st any chance we could all arrange for sat 28th

              Im 30 living in south dublin and interested in all usual girly things 😘x

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            •  glitterbomb #51867

                28th is good with me πŸ™‚ i was just putting a date out there to hopefully get some interest πŸ™‚
                great, lets something organised πŸ™‚

              •  Sarah #51868

                  How bot tgis town for bite to eat a few cocktails on sat 28th at 7.30/8 would dat suit u all ? X

                •  glitterbomb #51869

                    sounds good to me, id defo be up for that πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

                  •  Sarah #51870

                      Brill maybe il set up a post wit meet up and see if any one else interested 😊

                    •  key1171 #51927


                        That night out still up for grabs?

                        in the same boat here, single, all my friends married, boyfriends or babies. So my social life is non existent.

                        would love to meet new friends.

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                      •  Emmie #52008

                          I would like to possibly go to future meet ups


                        •  FinnyB #52043


                            Hope your night was amazing! I’m in the same boat, 29 from Dublin but my circle has gotten so small over the years! I’m free this weekend if anyone’s around x

                            •  Emmie #52046

                                Hi there,

                                I would be interested in meeting you.

                                •  Maria #52129

                                    Hey girls, let me know if arrange something, I would also be interested πŸ™‚ 25 and live in south Dublin

                              •  carolc130 #52050

                                  Hi girlies! Im from Cork and im 27, lookin to meet a few new female friends to hang out with doing all the usual stuff like coffee and chat dates, cinema etc unfortunately most of my friends have moved away or doing their own thing, what part of cork are ye from? 😊 x

                                •  Newbie1 #52056

                                    Hi new to this .If anyone interested or next time of meetup please let me know. Love all girly stuff and gym basically if anyone would like to meet up please contact me as new to this. [email protected] or text 0862729150 .
                                    Thanks a lot

                                  •  debby07 #52115

                                      Hey hi girls..
                                      I am Deborah ( but my friends call me Debby .. πŸ˜€ ) m 23, from South Sydney, Australia.. m here for my internship for 6 months and looking for a cool gang of girls to go out shopping, movies, pubs and gym.. If you are interested, we can plan something for this weeked.. Drop me a text on [email protected] and would love to catch up.. !!

                                    •  Lilala #52117

                                        Hey girls !
                                        I’m Lila and I just move to Dublin. I’m 27, french and I realise that it’s hard to meet people when your erasmus years are behind you, if there is some girls who wants to go for a drink, i don’t know a night during the week?
                                        Will be lovely to meet new girls and chat ! Cheers, Lila.

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                                      •  Mell #52446

                                          Hi girls I live in mayo but get to Dublin a fair bit, would love more nights especially in Dublin. Same boat as yet most friends married or long term relationships.did ye get to meet up on 21? I was away in holiday and just logged onto site.hope to meet up soon.😊👗👡👠💄

                                        •  Abigailadair #52478

                                            Hi! Just reading the above and its so refreshing to hear I’m not the only girl in Dublin a little lonely! I’m relatively new to Dublin & have found the it hard to make girlfriends! Would love to be included in the next night out or help to arrange a night out! I’m 31, English but have been living in Dubai for the past 9yrs……missing girly time with my friends back there and Skype sessions just aren’t the same! Please feel free to contact me directly! [email protected] x

                                          •  Farah #52562

                                              Hey there. Yes in the same boat, I’m also looking for some good girl pals to hang out with and be girly lol. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] hope to make some friends and maybe do something this weekend?

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