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  •  Shanice #42190

      Hi , my names shanice ,

      I’m 21, live in (and born and breed) in dublin! I love hair , make up , dogs, clothes and going on adventures ! The past few years I’ve lost my close friends due to moving away , parting ways in college and babies etc ! It’s just been me and my boyfriend the past few years and I’d love to have that best friend to confide in , sad as it sounds I’m very depressed and don’t get the chance to meet new friends as I don’t go out . Would love something to talk to , go on walks, cinema , drinks etc
      Be great to hear from someone who might be in the same situation or wants to gain another friend .

    •  Nadine #42193

        Hi Shanice
        My Name is Nadine and i am 23 years old .
        If you like to chat this is my email http://scr.im/2xec
        we could organize to meet up and see what happened OK?
        see ya

      •  Des #42196

          Hi Shanice My name is Des and i am 25 living in Dublin the past 3 years 🙂 if you wanna chat and see if we can be friends mail me or sent me your email 🙂 see you

        •  Nadine #42200

            Hey Des
            what your email address we can chat if you want.
            Mine is http://scr.im/2xec

          •  aine #42202

              Hey Shanice im aine. Im 20 y/o from.Dublin….sounds like we have a.lot in.common I love hair and makeup too,etc if yeever want to have a chat just message me…=)

              •  Shanice #42243

                  Hi aine , missy and Caroline , if you type shanice jane heathcote into Facebook you’ll find me 🙂

              •  missy #42204

                  Hi Shanice,

                  whats your email? would like to chat 🙂

                •  Carolina #42238

                    Hi Shanice, my name is Carolina and I’m 25 years old. I live in Dublin with my boyfriend and we would love to have a couple of friends to go out together. Can you give me your email or facebook?

                    •  Nadine #42242

                        Hey Carolina How are you
                        My name is Nadine 23 years old.
                        Would you like to chat?
                        MY EMAIL IS http://scr.im/2xec

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