Finding friends (Au Pair)

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  •  Jennifer #46522

      Hi there!

      I’m looking for friends. Not for me, for our au pair. Our au pair is 17 years old and from Germany and she’s having a hard time finding friends. She’s too shy to go and talk to people. She asked us if we do know other au pairs her age but unfortunately we don’t. If you are her age and also looking for friends send me a message. She would love to meet some people!

    •  Alice #46523

        Hi, I’m Alice and I’m 18 from Australia and I’m also an Au Pair looking for some friends, where abouts in Dublin are you based?

        •  Jennifer #46525

            Hi Alice! 🙂

            We’re in Maynooth Co. Kildare.

        •  Maria #46529

            i am Maria. I am 18 and also from Germany.
            I live near Sallins.I am a horse au pair. Feel free to contact me.
            Best regards

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