finding new friends in Cork City

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  •  Vanessa Hoehn #52909

      Hello I’m Vanessa, 22 years old and I’m staying in Cork for the next 2 months as a volunteer. I’d love to meet new friends here to go out on the weekend as well as meeting for a coffee etc. So if anybody is interested please contact me 🙂

    •  Ella401 #52912

        Hello Vanessa,
        I’m on the same boat!
        It’s difficult making friends in a new place especially when you’re a bit shy and awkward XD

      •  CocoM #52920

          Hi ladies! I’m finding myself in the same situation. I just moved back to Cork after years and would love to have people to meet for wine and chats. Let me know if you’re interested in arranging something 🙂

          •  Ella401 #52922

              I’m on board girl 😄

              •  Vanessa Hoehn #52923

                  Yeah, me too 🙂 You could send me a mail if you’d like!

            •  Ella401 #52944


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