friends around tallaght / south dublin

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  •  Ali #46276


      26 year old from limerick originally. Moved to Dublin a year ago. Made some lovely friends from here already and looking to expand the circle!
      ☺ x

    •  Steve #46289

        Hey Ali,

        My name is Steve. I am 27. I am looking to make new friends too and expand my circle. I am based in SOuth Dublin.

        Give me a shout if you wanna have a chat


        •  Ali #46305

            Hey Steve, awesome I’ll drop you a mail shortly ☺

        •  fiona #46357

            Heya I live in saggart would love to meet up email sure 😃

            •  Ali #46368

                Hey Fiona just sent you an email 🙂

                •  Laurent #46427

                    Hi Ali,

                    My name is Laurent and my native language is French (I live in Belgium)
                    I will be in Dublin this month for 4 days +-

                    I would like meet some people because I go to meet a friend but why not more.
                    I hope then my English is not too very bad. I speak it only a little bit and have no expérience in English speaking country.

                    A lot of “I” in my message 🙂 sorry… the last is “I’m 29 yeas old”

                    See you soon (perhaps)

                    •  Ali #46444

                        Hi Laurent, how are you? If you like drop me a mail and we can get chatting. Google translate is always there to help 😀

                      •  Laurent #46527

                          Hi Ali,

                          I try tro send your my answer by mail but I’m not sure than you receipt my message.

                          If you would like write me, can you write here or check your spam folder 🙂

                          Thanks !

                  •  Mia #46433

                      Hi Ali! We could be neighbors, i live in Tallaght as well 🙂

                      My email is

                      •  Ali #46445

                          Awesome Mia…. I’ll drop you a mail shortly 😊

                      •  Peter #46450

                          Hi Ali/all,

                          Looking to make new friends. I’m 27, living in south Dublin and looking to make new friends around my age.
                          My E-mail is

                        •  Jay #46459

                            Hi everyone,

                            I’m James 30 also from Tallaght. Would like the opportunity to
                            meet/make new friends around Tallaght etc so I can socialize
                            more in Tallaght rather then always going into town.


                            Feel free to send me a message anytime!


                            •  Ali #46475

                                Hi Jay, I feel your pain about going into town lol I’ll drop you a mail shortly 😊

                            •  Gary #46497

                                Hello ill be moving to Dublin in a month to study/work and would be nice to know someone up there so let me know if you wanna chat

                              •  Daniel #46592

                                  Hi Ali,

                                  I am 29 years old. I just arrived yesterday to Dublin and I am looking for doing new friends to discover the city and do all kind off activities.



                                •  Ms876 #50171

                                    Hey everyone, I’m in Blessington and looking for socializing amd meetups on weekends.

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