Friends?? Hellooooo??

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  •  Danielle #44546

      Hi all!

      Soooo I’m 24 and living in Dublin, I’m having the strangest year ever as loads of my mates have just disappeared and my social life has taken such a hit (totally pulling a sad face now).
      Would love to find some new friends to hang out with, I love going out, chatting, oooh shopping too!
      Feel free to get in touch if ya fancy hanging out

      My email is

    •  Julia #44577

        I am 19 and living in north dublin with my boyfriend , i have moved here from canada so all my friends are across an ocean. Message me if you want to hang

      •  Tanya dhanoa #45159

          Hey Hun I’m 28 and from Finglas . Can hang out some time :),

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