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  •  Ash #45179

      Have been in Cork for some time now, but due to work and college and other commitments, I don’t get to meet people much, and am starting to feel the lack of support around me.

      I’m looking to branch out and meet like-minded people, of a similar age, who are just looking to make some new friends.

      Even if you aren’t in the Cork area, but want to chat and meet up on a weekend or something, that would be great!

    •  Mal #45184

        Hi there Ash

        Am In Cork myself but originally from England.You say you want to meet people of a similar age but you don’t say how old you are!!!

      •  Meghan #45255

          Heyy Ash,

          I’m Meghan, 21, from west cork but living in cork city centre.

          Love going to the cinema, shopping, going for a few drinks, the usual stuff 🙂

          Give me a message if you ever wanna grab a coffee or something 🙂

        •  Tara #45259

            Heya! 🙂

            I’m from Cork but living in Dublin and I’m 20. I go home every 2nd/3rd weekend. Here’s my email if you want to get in touch


          •  Chris #45327

              Hey, I’m in Cork too, living here a year and I know NO ONE outside my work mates, crazy really! I’m 31, Blackrock area, always up for meeting some new friends.

            •  laura #45822

                hey im 21 and looking to meet new ppl email me 🙂

              •  Leah B #45875

                  Hey Ash. I know what you mean. It’s easy to get sucked into life and realise that support can be lacking at times especially when you’re not from the area. I’m 29, originally from England, but have lived in Cork for nearly 2 years. Enjoy having a laugh, the outdoors etc etc etc If you and any others on this feed want to meet up my email is

                •  Amanda #45935

                    Hiya 🙂 I’m in Cork. Recently returned from Aus. All my mates have partners and kids and not so much up for fun any more! Would love to meet up with ya! Drop us an email 🙂 x

                  •  aoife mc #46140

                      Im 24 living just outside cork city moved here a yr ago but only really know work friends. I like cinema going out , the usual stuff 🙂 get in touch if you want to chat 🙂

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