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  •  Ana #44137

      Hello my name is Ana, I’m a portuguese girl and I’m in Dublin will be one months, enjoyed meeting new people, going to have a few drinks, to go shopping or even drink coffee. I like to dance, and a good laugh

    •  Melissa #44158

        Hey Ana, I am from Ireland. Just moved to Dublin too 🙂 I’m 23 and love going for coffee, jogging, fashion and going to for some drinks & dancing. Email me if you want to meet up 🙂

        •  Ana #44173

            Hi melissa! We should drink some coffe or somentig, when you got the chance.. 🙂

        •  Nigel Fernandez #44166

            Hi Anna,

            I’m Nigel from Malaysia. Just arrived in Dublin a few weeks ago. Maybe we could have coffee?

            •  Ana #44174

                nigel hello, yes we can score a cafe, when you can, if you give me your email so we can talk better

            •  Richie #44171

                Hi, Anna how are you,
                My name is Richie looking for some good friendship,and loved your add.wish to hear from you,

                •  Ana #44175

                    Hey Richie, i’m fine. hope you’re too.
                    I’m looking for some good friendship too 🙂 so when you got the chance just say something

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