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  •  Sandra #44329

      Hi everyone,

      I am living in Dublin and I really want to meet some new people because the friends I had have moved away so I’m spending most of my time alone and I’m starting to feel quite lonely.

      I’m 19, I’m kinda shy so I find it hard to meet new people. I like going for walks, going to the movies, chatting, shopping, chilling out…

      I’m really looking forward to meeting some new people, so if you’re interested leave your email here and I will message you 🙂

    •  Aine #44331

        Hi Sandra.

        Im 26, I’ve just moved to Dublin after spending a few years in England. I don’t know anybody here. It would be great to meet someone who’s interested in going for coffee, shopping, comedy, cinema and nights out. Let me know if you would be interested in meeting up for coffee.


        •  confi #44647

            are u still interested in meeting new friends for coffee? I am 26, lives in dublin and i’ll be glad to hang out sometime

        •  Sandra #44332

            Sure! Just leave here your email and I will message you and we can talk about meeting up for coffee some time 🙂

            •  Sarita #50210

                Hi everybody! I’m 30 years old and I am from Spain. I am looking for new friends in Dublin! I will be there next month and I expect to live there at least two years por more. I like chatting, reading, diy, having a coffee…kisses and huges.

            •  Aine #44334

                It’s Chat to you via email.

              •  Ana #44335

                  Hi Annie,
                  My name is Ana, and i’m a portuguese girl, looking for some friends in Dublin too 🙂
                  So if you want to meet for a coffee, or shooping that will be awsome.
                  So hope to hear from you,

                •  Leslie #44340

                    Hey I’m Leslie , 22 , From France and I’d like to meet new people. So I’ll be glad to meet you

                    •  Charlene #44345

                        Hi i’m Charlene from Germany and I want to meet people as well here in Dublin. I’m 19

                      •  Camilla #44377
                      •  Sandra #44352

                          Leave your email here so we can message through there 🙂

                        •  Camilla #44368

                            Hi I’m Kamila from Poland and I want to meet new people as well 😀 I’m 21:) send me email if you interested to meet up

                          •  Sandra #44370

                              What’s your email Kamila? 🙂

                            •  Michelle #44407

                                Hi Sandra im michelle and im 25 years old from dublin im looking to meet new friends i like going out the weekends and having a few drinks and a laugh i also like going to the cineam and for coffeni hope you will get back to me thanks

                                •  Nicole #44427

                                    Hi im nicole i would love to make new friends how are you

                                •  Sarah #44413

                                    Hi Sandra! I’m Sarah from France. I’m 25 and I’m looking to meet new friends. Let me know if you’d be interested to meet up!

                                  •  Maria #44421

                                      I’m Maria, 20 years old girl from Finland, will be spend 3 weeks in Dublin and wishing to meet new people 🙂

                                    •  nicole #44422

                                        Hi I’m nicole 20 from Dublin I’m interested in new friends my email is hope to here from all of you 🙂

                                        •  Nicole #44428

                                            Hi nicole i am also nicole on here to make new friends

                                        •  Zakarias #44435

                                            Hey guys and gals – in a similar situation. Just moved to Dublin and I’m looking for Companys. I’m 19 aswell. 🙂

                                          •  Zakarias #44436

                                              Oh and my mail is 🙂

                                            •  Heller #44446

                                                Hello, my name is Heller, 32 years old, I am Brazilian and I am going to Dublin in March to study, I would like to make new friends to experience cultural exchang

                                              •  nadine #44474

                                                  I am looking to make new girlfriends too.I love shopping cooking and we can also go for ight out and diner .I work monday to Friday and I am mostly free Email is

                                                •  maria #44492

                                                    Hi girls! I’m Maria, 23′, from italy, I’m living in Dublin just from 4 months and I’m tired to go just to work and after at home, it’s like this everyday cause I don’t know anyone, and I’d really like to find new friends to hang out. I like go to cinema, walks and visit new places, go for some beers and sometimes for disco 🙂 I’m working and living in the city centre around Jervis shopping centre, I’m waiting for some answers 🙂 cheers!!!

                                                  •  maria #44493

                                                      ps. my e-mail is

                                                      •  RachelC #50195

                                                          Hey I’m Rachel I’m 23 and just moved up to Dublin for work. I’d love to meet up with someone for a coffee or dinner or cinema I’m very easy going 🙂 I’ve found it kind of difficult to meet new people as Dublin is such a big city and I’m really missing the girls from home. Drop me an email if anyone wants to meet up:)

                                                          •  tonitonight #50205

                                                              hi Rachel. some email i can contact you?

                                                        •  Julia #44572

                                                            Im julia and 19 moved here from canada and i would love to meet some girl friends, i like cinemas , walks , shopping or just having a girly night with cocktails message if you want to hang out!


                                                          •  Annalisa #44575

                                                              Hi Sandra,
                                                              I’m Annalisa, I’m italian and I’m 22 years old. I moved here in Dublin 1 week ago. I didn’t meet so many people yet. I’m in, for everything, chat, drink, going out for a walk. Let me know!! 🙂

                                                            •  Julia #44576

                                                                I am 19 and living in north dublin with my boyfriend , i have moved here from canada so all my friends are across an ocean. Message me if you want to hang

                                                              •  Krystal #44601

                                                                  Hey Sandra!

                                                                  I’m 20 and I’m pretty much in the same situation myself… I moved from Cork to Dublin and I’m having a hard time making friends my own age. In work and college I’m constantly surrounded by adults. if you’re still interested in making a new friend let me know 🙂

                                                                •  Ruth #44623

                                                                    Hi all, I’m 18 and been living in Dublin during the week for the last four months doing a plc. I’m really shy and find it hard to make friends especially with girls since I was raised with all lads. I love a bit of banter, going shopping, watching films and The likes.I’v been told I have a different view on things and some people find that odd, just so ye know. Ive drifted away from my friends from Galway and you have no idea how I miss girl talk and heading out for nights out. If any one is interested in hanging out, I’d love to meet up.

                                                                  •  Ruth #44624

                                                                      my email is if any one is interested in meeting up. I’d love to have girl friends that are my age 🙂

                                                                      •  Christine #44670

                                                                          Hi Ruth, how old are you?

                                                                      •  maria #44631

                                                                          Hi girls! I’m Maria, 23′, I like to know always new people, cause after all are just few months that I’m here in dublin. I like go to the cinema, have walk, visit new places, dance sometimes and go to places like Fibber to play pool and drink some beers. if someone want to meet up for a coffe or drink this is my e-mail:

                                                                        •  Victoria #44645

                                                                            Hello Sandra,
                                                                            If you are still looking for a company that I will go somewhere with you.
                                                                            I’ve just moved to Blessington near Dublin. Today I wanted to visit for a beautiful place but I do not know this city :<

                                                                            I find it hard to meet new people too.
                                                                            I hope to hear from you, Victoria.

                                                                            •  confi #44648

                                                                                Hi Victoria, we can hang out sometime if u like to. i am also in dublin

                                                                            •  Joel #44650

                                                                                Hey, I’m Joël, 23yo, and I arrived this week knowing nobody there. If some of you wants to go out 🙂

                                                                              •  Christina #44651

                                                                                  Hello! I am from the U.S. and I just arrived here on Thursday actually. I am 24 and would love to make some new friends. My email is if you want to meet up

                                                                                •  stacey #44667

                                                                                    hi everyone, my name is stacey and i just arrived back to ireland, moved to dublin for a job and do not know ANYONE here. i work with a team of men and i am really really missing out on girl time. i just turned 27, i like to go for walks, shopping and love coffee! shoot me a message!

                                                                                    •  Anna #50184

                                                                                        My name is Anna. Like yourself I’m looking for friends to hang out with, meet for coffee, a cocktail, or a walk on a sunday. I’m 26 years old. Quite chatty and sociable.
                                                                                        Looking forward to hearing from you!

                                                                                    •  Christine #44669

                                                                                        Hi Stacey,
                                                                                        My name is Christine and I have just moved back to Ireland too. I’m about to turn 27 too and am very empty in the friends department!! Sounds like we’d get on so feel free to email me

                                                                                      •  Tom #44671

                                                                                          hey im a 20 year old student from dublin, always open to meeting new people. im big into sports and history, my favourite things in life ha. contact me if you want to know more

                                                                                        •  Sarah #44675

                                                                                            Hey I’m Sarah I just came here to Ireland I’m 22 years old. I like to go out for drinks or to the cinema or shopping etc.
                                                                                            if anyone is interested just let me know.
                                                                                            my email address Is

                                                                                          •  Leanne #44997

                                                                                              Hi Sandra, I have just came across your post and I am literally in the same boat as you. I’m 19 and when I finished school last year I started to lose all my friends. So if you wanna meet up sometime let me know 🙂

                                                                                            •  Leanne #44998

                                                                                                Hi Sandra, I have just came across your post and I am literally in the same boat as you. I’m 19 and when I finished school last year I started to lose all my friends. So if you wanna meet up sometime let me know 🙂

                                                                                              •  Ms876 #50045

                                                                                                  Hi Victoria, are you still in Blessington?
                                                                                                  I moved here a few months ago and don’t really know anyone.
                                                                                                  I have a 19month old, but completely free, alone and bored out of my mind on weekends especially.

                                                                                                •  Joseph #50075

                                                                                                    hey guys. im the same. just so this post now too. im 20 and just started getting distant from old friends. would love to meet new people

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