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      My name is Jim, and I’m the frighteningly ancient age of just over 40 (Yikes!). Just looking to make a few new friends in Dublin for chat, coffee, maybe cinema visits, concerts etc. Been working in Ireland for a while, kind of (totally) let my social life get taken over by work – time to put that right and get out more!

      I’m interested in music, cinema, sport and loads of other things. If it’s interesting, then I’m probably interested – life’s too short.

      I make up for my complete inability to do most crafts with playing guitar, mostly blues though I have been known to turn the volume up in the past (which doesn’t really work in an apartment!). Love listening to blues, rock, classical, some metal, and pretty much anything else, very varied taste.

      If you’d like to get in touch it’d be great to hear from you. My mail is [email protected] or I guess reply to the thread.


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