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  •  Karen Bolton #44240

      Hi guys,

      I just moved to Galway with my bf and am finding it hard to make friends. Kinda miss having a few girls to meet up with and have the chats and drinks with! I’m 28, female and into the usual stuff, like going for a few drinks after a long week in work. Finding it hard to make connections with people so spend most evenings after work on the couch in front of the tv, exciting I know! Let me know if you’re interested in chatting/meeting up 🙂

    •  Margaret #44250

        Hi Karen, I’d b interested in meeting up sometime to see if we got stuff in common/get along? Email me: and we’ll organise something. It’ll prob/obv be after xmas etc, you may b taking a visit home et all! 🙂

      •  Alison #44252

          Hi Karen/Margaret,

          Nice to hear that I’m not the only one finding it hard to meet sound like minded girls to have the tea, chats and a bit of craic with. Im 28 too and not from galway but my bf is so I really miss not being able to meet up with my friends especially when he’s off doing stuff with his friends. Doesn’t help that I work with all lads either!! 🙂

          Mail me on if ye fancy organising something.

          Chat soon,
          Alison x

          •  Brenda #44256

              Hiya girls

              Seems we are all in the same boat. Give me a shout…


          •  Rachel #44258

              HI Karen,

              Im the same! moved to galway for college and my friends are scattered all over, but none in galway 🙁
              Send me an email if youd like

            •  Karen #44266

                Hi guys,

                Just came back to this thread, been mad busy with xmas! Would love to get something organised in the new year, maybe we could even do a group meet up? My email is if anyone wants to chat! Thanks 🙂

              •  Daisy #44403

                  Snap! Im 29, Moved up from Tipp to the bf who’s from Galway. Working evenings/nights so can’t join any classes etc during the week- that was how I had planned to meet people and make new friends!!! So if you guys do organise a meet up I’d love if you’d count me in 🙂 My email is

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