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      Hi my name is Natalie and I moved to limerick in jan 2009 to be with my boyfriend. Even though hanging out with his friends is fun, I would love to have nights out on my own with some girls and just have some friends of my own. Since moving I found it hard to find a job but have one now thankfully So i have been out of the social circle for ages. I just dont know how to really meet people i am quite an out going person but am still finding it hard to just find people and make friends.

    •  ASEMarsha #12786

        Hi Natalie, i,m from Limerick ,email me

      •  hermelindaduns #12787

          hi mail me

        •  evapetterd7737 #12788

            Hi Natalie, how are you? I know this post is a bit old but thought I’d reply anyway.
            I’m almost in the same situation as you just now. My boyfriend lives in Limerick, I’m in Glasgow. Been thinking of moving over within in the next 6-12 months or so but am worried that my life in Limerick won’t be like what I’ve got in Glasgow just now with friends, outings etc. I’m very much a people person and do love hanging out with my friends and being busy all the time.
            I’d love to hear more of your experiences in Limerick and how you’re getting on just now!
            Hope to hear from you soon! xMel

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