Friends in Navan ?

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  •  fiona #21424

      Hi girls, im living in Navan and i’m 33 yrs of age. I’m looking to make some new friends from the Navan area. Anybody interested ?

    •  A28 #41970

        Hi Fiona,
        I know u posted this a few months back…I’m new to this site. I’m 28, recently married and moved to navan about a year ago. A lot of my friends have moved on or living in Dublin…also looking to make some new friends in navan…

      •  evie #42169

          Hi fiona, i see you have posted this a while back but was wondering if you were still interested in meeting new girl friends?
          Im 36 and live in ardee and looking for new friends navan is only up the road so if you want to email me that would be great

          •  Debbie #42235

              Hi Evie came across your post and was wondering are you still interested in making new friends. I’m a mum of 4 kids who has not long moved back from London after living there for 6 yrs and funding it hard to get out and make new friends.

              •  eve #42246

                  Hi debbie i recieved an email to say server didnt recieve mail so hopefully you get this email is

                •  Patricia #42254

                    Hi Debbie,
                    Just newly joined the forum. I recently moved to Ardee and am looking for some female friends. I have a 3 yr old and see you have kids too. If you’d like to meet up sometime you can pm me

                •  Patricia #42253

                    Hi Evie,

                    I just came across your reply post to looking for friends in Naven. I recently moved to Ardee and don’t know many people. Im 31 and am finding out its hard to make new friends at this age lol. If you’d like to meet up for a coffee or a chat, feel free to pm me

                •  Debbie #42234

                    Hi know this post has been up ages but worth a try, i’ve moved to Navan in Feb of this yr after leaving in london for 6 yrs with my partner and 4 kids. Im looking to make some new friends, message me if ur interested x

                  •  eve #42236

                      Hi debbie i sent you an email not sure how this works but il just post my email to you incase you didnt recieve it its
                      thanks looking forward to hearing from you

                    •  Natalie #44547

                        Hi I am living in Navan 10 years but still don’t really know many people. I am married with two kids. I am 32 and would love to meet some new friends

                      •  aoife #45270

                          Would love to see some new friends too. My email is
                          hope to hear from some of you

                        •  Kristy #49213

                            Hi Natalie, I am moved to navan month ago, know that post is more than year ago, but worth to try woudn’t be bad to meet new people.

                            •  Lisa t #49298

                                Hi Kirsty,
                                Just wondering if u were still interested in meeting new people, I’m not to far from navan & would love to make some new friends.

                                •  kristy #50033


                                  •  kristy #50034

                                      Hi ladys, cant put on here my email to be easier to contact. but im still interest of getting meet new peoples πŸ™‚

                                      •  Anna P #50036

                                          Hi Kristy, I would love to meet you. I dont know to send my email either. How can we meet?

                                        •  kristy #50037

                                            im some 15 mins walk from jonstowns supr valu, im now getting ready go for a walk with baby, so if you are interested we can meet at 14.00 at super valu main entrance πŸ™‚

                                          •  Anna P #50038

                                              Sorry, i have just seen it now. Can we meet at 2.15?? I will be there then.

                                            •  kristy #50039

                                                2.15 be perfect, because baby just finish her dinner πŸ˜€

                                            •  kristy #50032

                                                Hi Lisa T. and everyone who is interested πŸ™‚ Yea, making new friends always is good, so im still interested πŸ™‚
                                                my email adress is

                                            •  Anonymous #49534

                                                Hi, I am from Johnstown, Navan. I would like to meet new friends too. I dont know how to send an email to you so, please send me one and we could chat. Thanks.

                                                •  Anna P #50035

                                                    I am in Johnstown too. Maybe we could meet to have a coffee or just to go for a walk.

                                              •  Dee1206 #49444

                                                  Hi I am from not to far away I am a person who would love to meet new friends.

                                                •  Ana #49533

                                                    Hi girls. I am living in Navan and my few friends are always too busy for a cup of coffee. I would love to meet new friends and have someone to chat. I am living with my partner since last year but I find hard not to have my own friends. Please, feel me to contact me and we could organise something. I have seen there is few women posting here and we could create a nice group. Thanks.

                                                  •  Lisa T #50080

                                                      Hi ladies, just wondering if any of u girls would be interested in meeting up for a “girlie lunch” in navan 1 of the days that would suit all.
                                                      Not from navan but I don’t live a million miles away, am looking to make some new friends.

                                                    •  Anna P #50105

                                                        Hi Lisa,
                                                        that would be a good idea. I have just met Kristy the other day, and we could meet more people. What days suits you best?

                                                      •  Lisa T #50234

                                                          Hi Anna,
                                                          Are u free nxt Monday ??? Sorry for delay in replying.

                                                        •  Ru #50285

                                                            hie Ladies, i am also 36, and not being from here, i would like to meet like minded women . i am married with two kids, meet up for coffee or lunch , just some female adult company tbh. πŸ™‚

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