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  •  Siobhan #49468

      Hi I am looking to meet new friends ,I have a great bunch of friends all of which have kids ( i haven’t) so Im hoping to meet friends who can go on nights out ,holidays ,weekends away etc.

      If your outgoing ,and free to enjoy life lol get in touch

    •  Jay #49469

        Morning Sibhan,

        Basically in the same boat as you well nearly but looking for the same to expand my circle of friends.
        Enjoy nights out for drinks/cinema, brunch or coffee perhaps daytrips or weekends away. Mostly free
        to enjoy life and what its brings!! Feel free to get in touch anytime email is below.

        Cheers and have a good day

      •  orla #49503

          Hi Siobhan,

          How are you? Be keen to meet up with you sometime. My email is if you would like to chat.

        •  Ann #50212

            Hi girls,

            I’m in the same boat too. Would love to meet up for coffee.. see how it goes and take it from there. I love weekends away. I’m also into hiking. I’m very sociable and love having fun. I would love to increase my social circle. I’m single and my friends and family are all married with children.


            •  SineadH #50219

                Hi Ladies

                I’m pretty much the same as you all, mostly my friends are living down the country or in relationships. Would be nice to have a circle of friends in Dublin for Coffee, chats, lunch, nights out and trips etc.

                I’m 36, Single, no kids and feel I’m missing out due to having nobody to hang out with


            •  Lorie_xox #50404

                Hey ladies, I replied to your other thread Siobhan, I think it would be a great idea if we could all meet up- I’m very sociable, I’m late 30s, no kids, & find that girls my age are very settled where as I love adventure like travelling, events, weekends away, coffee, chats , cinema , pubs, day trips, hiking / walking – whatever !!! I would love to meet up. Life is an adventure and I love meeting new people . I’m also in south Dub:) . Please PM me and we can take it from there 🙂

                •  Cherrypie #51265

                    Hi Ann & co

                    A few of us have met up. Do you want to join our next night out?

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                •  orlagh #50408

                    Hi Lorie,

                    How are you? Be great to meet up with you.

                  •  Lorie_xox #50433

                      Great Orla!! Is there a what’s app group going or anything ??? What is best way to get in contact/ keep in contact , or to arrange !!! I’m honestly so energetic I always have energy to do stuff and I love to meet new people , and engage in different events .. I work daytime but am free like I said evenings or fri/Saturday’s mostly

                    •  orlagh #50441

                        Good to hear from you. What is your e-mail address?

                      •  KarenP #50497

                          Hi Siobhan I’m in a similar situation as you I have no kids and most of my friends are settled down with familys. I enjoy nights out, lunches coffee and shopping. I’m free to meet up at weekends. Look forward to hearing from you.

                        •  Lorie_xox #50523

                            Karen & Siobhan – I would love to be included in any meet ups, I love doing all of the same things, & am generally free on weekends for cinema, vino, beer, events, trips or hikes – whatever peeps are up for !!! Once it’s fun !!! I also love to travel on city breaks !!

                          •  Lorie_xox #50525

                              Hey Orla I seem to have a problem posting here, do you want to send me your number or email address ?

                              •  orlagh #50530

                                  Hi Lorie, I’m having problems posting on this website. My e-mail address is on one of the above threads.

                              •  Lorie_xox #50539

                                  Orla I can’t see it so strange

                                  •  orlagh #50543

                                      Hi Lorie, I’m having problems posting on this website also. I tried to post my e-mail but it won’t allow me to??

                                  •  Lorie_xox #50562

                                      I could add u on face book if you’re on it !!

                                      •  orlagh #50588

                                          Hi lorie,

                                          What is your email address?

                                      •  Lorie_xox #50596


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                                        •  Lorie_xox #50597

                                            @hotmail com

                                          •  Lorie_xox #50598

                                              Had to split it up there so u can see it otherwise it gets hidden

                                            •  Nice guy #50755

                                                Hey there my name is david and I am in the same boat no kids most of my friends are married etc. Would love to have a good social life again I am 36 from Dublin.

                                              •  TrueBlue #50964

                                                  Hi ladies,

                                                  I am in the same boat, lots of energy single and in my late 30s…I would love to meet ladies in similar position for dinner, nights out, I enjoy music and travel..please get in touch 🙂 [email protected]

                                                •  Cherrypie #50966

                                                    Hey everyone

                                                    Some of us are going to organise a night out next weekend in Dublin city. Let me know if you’d like to come along. More the merrier!

                                                  •  KarenP #50968

                                                      Heh everyone I’d love to come along next weekend 😃

                                                    •  orlagh #50971

                                                        Hi Karen,

                                                        Thats great that you can join us next weekend. My email is [email protected]

                                                      •  Melinda2016 #51042

                                                          Hello Siobhan, I’m Melinda from Australia, been in Ireland for 10 years . All my friends are married , with children .
                                                          I would love to meet people interested in movies , night outs and traveling. Let me know if interested!!

                                                        •  orlagh #51171

                                                            Hi Melinda,

                                                            How are you? I have similar interests. You can e-mail me if you would like to chat [email protected]

                                                          •  justme #51308

                                                              Hi there,

                                                              Same here, in my late 30’s and looking to meet new friends.. so if anybody is interested on meeting just let me know 🙂

                                                              looking forward to heard from you 🙂

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