friends late 30s early 40s's

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  •  shivb #52015

      hi everyone im 40 and seriously beed to meet new own friebds are narried kids etc..i have a biyfriend but miss my girly catch ups i love goin out gettin away cinema.coffees etc .pkease get in touch if your interested in neeting up

    •  Cool Mam72 #52037

        Hi siobhan
        I’m the same age looking to meet new people also.Be great to meet up ☺

        •  shivb #52038

            great god i was gettin worried i was the only person like this lol..if you wanna mail me and hopefully we can arrange somethin .im workin this weeken but maybe over the next 2 weeks?

        •  Cool Mam72 #52042

            That sounds great.Can you leave your email or we could add each other on Facebook ☺

            •  shivb #52045

                ye.h great im siobhan bonass add me on fbook ☺

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