Friends out there ? Dundalk/Louth

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  •  Anonymous #54688

      Hey 24 year old artsy guy recently moved from Dublin to Dundalk! I’m gay and looking for some gal friends, super hard meeting people up here since this pandemic struck! Looking for friends to do coffee and walks and talks and all the good stuff when this pandemic is eventually ends!

    •  Cora #54693

        Hey, just moved to Dundalk too. Probably not exactly what you were searching for but maybe a start. Would be great to hear from you and maybe meet for a coffee!

      •  dani #54873


          Gosh, such a delay in response but have just seen your post 🙈 I moved during the pandemic also so meeting people just hasn’t happened 😆 let me know if you fancy a drink 😄

          •  Cora #54876

              Just a slight delay 😀 yes, lets meet, you can text me directly: [email protected]

            •  Hi #54906

                Hi there,

                I’m also a newcomer and would love to meet up for a coffee/drink etc.


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            •  Hi #54908

                Are you still looking to meet people? I also moved here recently and would love to meet up.

              •  Pookie4 #54928

                  I’m a blow in to Dundalk too. Originally from west but here a long time now. Ladies social soccer restarting on Mon in Jan if anyone wants info. Feel free to contact me if you fancy meeting for coffee sometime.

                •  Betharia #54934

                    Hi there,

                    I’m just looking for friends here in Dundalk, might be we can make a chat, going out for walk or meet up..
                    Feel free to contact me.. Thank you 😊

                  •  Betharia #54935

                      Hi There,

                      I’m looking for friends here in Dundalk.. We might be can make a chat, meet up and get cup of tea or drinks.. Feel free to contact me.. Thank you.. 😊

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