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  •  Katia #42612

      Hi everyone!

      I moved last January to Dublin from Switzerland so I would be able to be with my boyfriend and I haven’t regretted since my choice to move here. 🙂 I am 26 years old and originally Spanish, I was born and grew up though in Switzerland. I’m working as a nurse here and I’m really happy with my job, everything is grand, except that I am having a really hard time to find friends here. I thought I’d be able to find friends at work, but they all have their own circles of friends and don’t seem wanting to pursue friendship with somebody new.
      I tried finding friends by joining dance classes, but had no luck yet.

      I have many interests, so I’ll list some here:

      – I love going out, having a few drinks and a good laugh
      – I go often to the cinema and enjoy all sorts of genres
      – I’m really into books
      – I love animals
      – I like doing stuff outdoors but I can enjoy as well a quiet night in
      – I’m generally fun loving 😀 and almost up for anything

      So if you feel like me or any other way please reply 😀

    •  Daniel #42623

        Hi Katia!!! Im on the same way, looking for new friends, as is being a little bit difficult, Im from Mexico, just arrived, and will work for two years here. Im an accountant, if you want please write me to

      •  Aine #43951

          Hey guys, this is my email if you wanna get in touch, finding it hard to make friends in Dublin too! I’m pretty chilled, like going to the gym, gigs, having drinks & a laugh!

        •  Nathania #43999

            Hi katsina I’m nathania and I’m 21. I was born in Dublin but I moved to a couple of different countries when I was younger. Now that I’m back on dublin I’m in the same situation as you, finishing it pretty hard to meet people. I like pretty much the same things that you mentioned, going out to clubs and reading in particular. Here’s my email

          •  Emilia #44041

              Hi my name is Emilia I’m 27 years old having throuble to meet new people maybe because I was so busy with my old work what was big mistake I change job but all the people have there own friends and don’t really have time or doing things with there own friends I know it’s pretty sad not to have too many friends most of friends what I have here have kids families and don’t really have time I would love to meet new friends go out shopping drinks girls night out if u would like to me meet me or have chat this is my email

            •  Megan #44043

                Hey I’m Megan, a 22 year old American au pair here for the year. I am new to town and don’t know many people. I’m pretty easy going and like doing pretty much anything. If you’d like to meet up here is my email and we could get in touch!!

              •  Maria #44102

                  Hi everyone I’m the same contact me if you like

                •  Diana #44129

                    Hey Katia (and all!),

                    I’m Diana, 33, originally from Germany, and only just moved to Dublin these days.
                    We seem to enjoy similar things and share many interests – I’m also always up for a girls’ night out, love outdoorsy activies (horse riding!) and animals, reading, and learning new things. I’d like to learn Portuguese (Dublin seems to be just the right place for that..), find a place to go horse riding, and attend a ‘Krav Maga’ or belly dance class.. So if you’re interested in any of those, you are very welcome to joing me! 🙂 But I’m also up for just a chat over a coffee any time.. Feel free to email me to
                    Looking forward to hearing from you!


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