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  •  Jane #46436

      Hi, everyone:) I’m a 22 y.o. student from Russia. I came to Dublin to improve my language skills. The thing is that I came here alone and I have nobody to hang out with. I’m interested in arts in general, languages, singing, pen-palling etc. I’m looking for a person who’d like to go to a day trip or museum, or shopping together. It’s just a little bit weird to wander around the city all by yourself…
      I think I’m easy-going and open-minded. Don’t hesitate to write me:)

    •  Armelle #46437

        Hi Jane,

        I’m Armelle, I’m 24 years old, from France. I’m doing an internship in Galway until the end of August and I’m also looking for new friends to hang out and do some sightseeing in the area.
        I think I’m easy-going too so if you want you can contact me. This is my email address:

        PS: the email will appear as a weir link but don’t worry it’s how the website works ! šŸ˜‰

        See you !

        •  Armelle #46438

            Truly sorry I thought you were in Galway, my mistake …
            (I don’t know how to delete my post so…)

        •  Ainhoa #46440

            Hi there Jane

            I’m Ainhoa, from Spain, I’m 25 and I’m in Dublin attending a course for teachers of English at a language school here. I’ve come here on my own and I don’t have any friends or people to hang out with; and, although I can get by quite well all by myself, sometimes it does feel weird and would like to share things with somebody and socialise a little bit. So I’m totally in! If you would like to meet, please write me back or just send me an email and we can plan something fun! My email address is
            Hope to hear from you! 😃

          •  Maura #46441


              My name is Maura.
              I’m a 22 year old student just back from an Erasmus year in Austria. Would be nice to meet up with some new people living in Dublin. Contact me on


            •  Anonymous #46443

                Hi Jane, i am 27. I m currently looking for new friends to hang out with for coffees, walks etc. to learn about different culture. Feel free to contact me.

              •  Anonymous #46447

                  Oh sorry, i forgot put my email down. But i will send you an email in a few minutes šŸ™‚

                •  delia #46478


                    I just moved to Dublin. I am from Romania and I am studying at Dublin Business School.
                    I would like to have somebody fun to hang out with.
                    PS if you like singing, I play guitar.
                    Email me at


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