Friendship in Limerick (Girls preferred)

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  •  Leyanne #41885


      I am 30 year old Asian female just move down to Limerick City from Dublin. Looking for (girl)friends in the area for going out, activities and everything really! I work in Shannon, so if you are from the area, we can go for lunch or something!

      I like going for movies, shopping, drinks, stand up comedy, swimming, girly chats, etc. I speak fluent English, Chinese and Malay. Live alone. Have a boyfriend.

      If you are too looking for friends in the area, gimme a shout! I am friendly, loyal, trustworthy and definitely not bitchy 😛

      Hear from you guys soon!


    •  Geraldine #42180

        Hi Leyanne,, welcome to Limerick, feel free to e-mail me

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