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      Hey, 31 year old (nearly 32!) woman looking for some like minded female friends, age is not really an issue but lets be honest I’m probably not going to fit in with 20 year olds 😂 Im married (to a dub, the shame) and we have 1 daughter who is 4 and feral. I suppose its best to cut to the chase & start with saying things like Im pro-choice and couldn’t sustain a solid friendship with anyone pro-forced birth, Im athiest but respect that others are not, I love coffee, chocolate and champagne! I’ve been here nearly 2 years (originally from Kildare) and have met one or 2 nice people but would so love to find someone on my level to chill with & talk nonsense! Im also very passionate about Cannabis in its many forms and its medicinal benefits for all people. So if you’ve made it this far fair play, you’re either nosey or interested so if you think we would get on let me know!!

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