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      Oz/Kiwi combo forming a social mixed tag rugby team to play on Tuesday nights at Bushy Park, Terenure, Dublin 6W. Competition will be the Tag Rugby Summer League (

      The essential info:
      1. Need about 12 players. (we have 8 so far!)
      2. Seven players on the field, and 5 subs for each game.
      3. A game lasts 45 mins.
      4. It’s non contact, but, still fun!
      5. Season begins in May and continues for 9 weeks.
      6. It’s a social mixed comp, so ask your girl/boyfriend or attractive friend!
      7. Games will usually start between 19:00 – 21:00 each week.
      8. The consumption of alcohol may occur after the game, and rarely before.
      9. Anyone welcome!

      If you reckon this is you, please e-mail me with any questions and stuff. We can then organise to meet up everyone and sort out the registration. The registrations have already commenced, so we need to be quick.

      First team meetup on Thursday night, 8th of Feb.


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