Fun friends for couple in 30s Central Dublin

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  •  EmmaAndrew #41886

      We’re a married couple in our early 30s, no kids yet and we like working out, eating nice food, and a drink (or six). We also enjoy films, music, shopping and a smattering of art. Looking for new mates for dinner, drinks, outings or just hanging out with a cup of tea.

      We have been in Dublin a year and a half and have met a few people through work but because we go home a fair amount and like each other’s company, we haven’t really got out there and met anyone new. It’s definitely harder the older you get!

      Thought we would post here and see if anyone else is in a similar position and up for doing something together over the coming weeks.

    •  Mary #41907

        Hi there

        Myself and my boyfriend are around the same age and in a similar situation.

        Drop me an email if you fancy and perhaps we could meet up for a coffee or a couple of drinks?


      •  Luke #41922


          Hope you’re well. Myself and my girlfriend are in a similar situation due to our jobs and working hours.

          If you’re interested in meeting up for a drink or something, please let me know.

          Cheers, Luke

        •  Jenny #41925


            Looks like there’s a few of us in the same boat! A lot of our friends are having kids and it’s harder to get a group together consistently. We’re definitely into films, music, art, hillwalking, etc and always up for trying out new things. Maybe we could all meet up sometime soon?


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