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  •  Kate #46725

      Hi girls, my name is Kate, I’m 26 years old and I’ve been living in Dublin a few years but a lot of my friends have moved back home or to other counties and I would love to meet some girls to hang out with in Dublin. I love going out for dinner and drinks, love dancing and just having fun! It would be really nice to hear from girls who may be in the same position or who are just looking for a new friend! Feel free to email me if so. Kate. 🙂

    •  Anonymous #46727

        Hi Kate! My name is Aisling. I am 20 years old and a 3rd year student teacher! I know this forum is for au pairs but I joined it when I did aupair a couple of years ago. I am living in Dublin for college and also looking for new friends! Hope to hear from you soon!

        •  Cormac #46729

            Hi Aisling, this site isn’t just for au pairs! 🙂

          •  Siobhan #46811

              Hey Kate!

              I’m 22 and a complete newbie to Dublin, moved up from Cork a few weeks back to start work and still pretty clueless about whats on, where to head. Looking to make some new friends up here to hang out with, go for drinks and generally just have a laugh with.
              Can pass on a facebook link or email if you want to chat! 🙂


          •  Donegal :-) #46733

              Hi Kate im totally in the same boat as you! I’m also 26 and I would love to meet up sometime if your interested 🙂 not really sure how this works or how I can email you or anything but if you know feel free to get in touch 🙂

              Catherine x

            •  Alyssa #46743

                Hi Kate!

                I’m 24 years old masters student who just moved to Ireland. I’m excited to start school but nervous about making new friends. I’m from Chicago and had the greatest group of girl friends and I’m hoping to make new ones here! I absolutely love being social and going out, wether it be a wild night or just a few drinks. Well let me know if you’d like to get together. You can email me at

              •  Jamie (girl) #46746

                  Hi Kate an all you other ladies!!
                  I’ve been down in Dublin for a year now doin au pair but traveling a bit with it so it has been really hard tryin to meet new people!! I know a few people down here but want to meet more… Love getting out an socialising an keeping fit as well!! Jesus this sounds like a job application ha!! X

                •  Shauna #46747

                    Hi Kate, I am literally in the exact same situation as you! My five closest friends have left for travelling this year, and I am hoping to make some new friends for drinks, dancing, cinema, chats the usual!

                    So hard to make friends these days, hard to know where to meet people!

                    Let me know if you want to get together for a coffe and a chat! Or you can add me on facebook Shauna Ashley Wosser for a chat I am the only one 🙂


                  •  celine #46750

                      hey KATE!
                      I want your address mail or FACEBOOK 😀

                    •  Alyse #46766

                        Hi Kate,

                        I am moving here very soon and know no one! I’m 24, outgoing and all that! I’m from New Zealand. Like a drink too! But also looking for people to hang out with.

                        Add me on Facebook Alyse Seekup

                      •  Christa #46810

                          Hi Kate and the other girls!

                          I am in the same situation at the moment and I would love to meet new people to have fun with.

                          If you want we can meet up


                        •  Maria #46812

                            Hi everybody!

                            I’m a 23 years old girl and I’ve just moved to Bray (just 30 minutes away from Dublin) as au pair. I also would like to make new friends here so if you want, I can pass my email so we can chat and meet 🙂

                          •  Kate #46844

                              Hi girls! Wow thanks for all the replies! Would be brilliant maybe to all meet up some day or for some drinks if you fancy it? I have NO idea how to link in my email so you can get me on

                              Send me some messages and let’s get meeting! 😂

                            •  Jenna #46849

                                Hey Kate! Im 22 and moved up to do my masters and work in Dublin for the year. In the same boat, don’t really know anyone up here so would love to go on a good night out with girlfriends!

                              •  Snigdha #46856

                                  Hey Kate and everybody else ,
                                  I am 21 yrs old and moved to Dublin a year back fro my masters. I am looking to make new friends and would love to go out for drinks, movies or whatever! Fell free to contact me on facebook “Snigdha Nath”. Oh by the way I am from India 🙂

                                •  Laylipops #46858

                                    Hi everyone!

                                    Same here, I’m 25, live in Swords (North Dublin) and don’t have many friends…. Please let me know if you would like to make a new one! 🙂

                                  •  ClaireAnne #46869

                                      Hiya ladies, I’m 27 living in Dublin too. I would love to make some new friends also. I really like dancing going out for drinks , dinner, cinema and shopping. Some of my friends live abroad or arw in different parts of the country sobit can be hard to keep up with them. Please feel free to gwt in touch 🙂

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