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  •  Perrine #52193

      Hello hello 🙂

      I am very new to Galway city and therefore, I do not know anyone here. I am a friendly French girl free at night or during the weekends to hang out and have coffee/drinks, go for a walk/run/swim/shopping, watch movies, cook… or even experiences unusual crazy things (please do not make me die though!).
      If you feel like you are interested and you want to meet up (or you are just bored and you don’t know what to do with your time, who knows?), message me !

      Looking forward to meeting all of you 😉


    •  galway #52266

        Hello Perrine

        I’m on your wavelength. Galway girl looking for more of a social life. PM a message to me if you’d like.

        •  Perrine #52270


            I am happy that you answered ! I’ve been looking about how to PM you and I have no idea how it works ^^ Should I give you my email address here or how should I proceed?

            Have a nice night and looking forward to more talks 🙂

            •  galway #52278

                Hi again

                Yes, send me your email through this Perrine. 🙂

          •  girls time #52293

              Hi, Perrine. I am moving to galway by next month. Therefore i do not know anyone in galway, looking to make new geniune friends to hand out with, girls night,coffee etc.

            •  girls time #52294

                Oops i mean hang out 😀

                •  Perrine #52298

                    Hey 🙂
                    That sounds about right, I think we are looking for the same things then !
                    You can still email me at the temporary email address [email protected] and I’ll reply with my real one.

                    Talk to you soon I hope !! 🙂

                •  girls time #52384

                    Hi girls, have you guys met yet. i am moving to galway by next month.

                    •  Perrine #52391

                        We have managed to meet once for the moment.

                        Tell us when you arrive more precisely 😉

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