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  •  Kate #46059

      Hey guys! I’ve just moved to Salthill and got a job at a bar there. I’m working a lot of hours on most days of the week so I find it really hard to get out and meet people.
      I’d love to meet friends to get a coffee with in the mornings or on my days off, to go to gigs around the city and people who could show me around a bit!
      I’d like to meet people who have been here for a while– locals or people who intend to stay around here.
      I know some people already here from France and other places but they’re all heading away at the end of the summer or sooner.

    •  Karl #46076

        Hey Kate, I’m from a bit outside Galway myself and don’t know too many people around here as a lot of them have moved away, so i’m looking to meet new people too. If you want to email me, it’s

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