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  •  Niamh #42601

      Hi everyone!:)

      I’m Niamh and I’m 23.I finished college in Dublin last year and since then most of my female friends have gotten into relationships or have moved away which means they either no longer have the time or inclination to go on girls nights outs or things like that.I would really love to expand my circle of girlfriends and meet some genuine,lovely girls to have drinks with and go out with,even just for coffee!:)…I have a really wide variety of interests but I love music of all kinds,going to comedy gigs reading,shopping,going out and just generally having the chats and the craic!:)..I spend alot of time in Dublin for work so any girls in the Dublin area who are looking for something similar,it would be really lovely to chat and maybe meet up for coffee or something!:)

    •  Ashrithaa #42603

        Hi niamh!

        I’m Ashrithaa from singapore! I’m 26 and just join TCD for my masters programme. I would love to make new friends as it’s only been 2 weeks since I’ve arrived and my Time is mostly spent in Campus. I do enjoy going out for shopping, coffee, basically chilling out. Feel free to drop me an email at ashrithaa.rajah@gmail if you’re keen to chat or even meet up for coffee or smth!

      •  Lornaa #42629

          Hi Niamh,

          I’m in the same situation, what’s your email address?

        •  Kelly #42631

            Hey Niamh,I’m in the same position,get I’m touch

            •  Niamh #42632

                Hey Kelly!:)

                could you pass on your email address?:)

            •  Kelly #42633

       would have been helpful if I posted that in the first place oops

              •  Hannah #43928

                  Hey Niamh, how are you? I’m Hannah, 24, from Dublin but looking to broaden my circle of friends. I love sports and keeping fit but I also love chats over coffee, going cinema, nights out or chill nights in with a takeaway. Heres my email if you fancy getting in touch,

                •  Aine #43949

                    Heya, I’m 26 and living in Dublin, just moved up 2months ago so haven’t really met many people! Would love a chat too, or just hang out whatever like all the other girls here! This is my email…[email protected] 🙂

                  •  Becky #43974

                      Hey Niamh,

                      I’m pretty much in the same situation as yourself! Would love to get to know more people up here. Here’s my email if you want to get in touch!

                    •  Anna #43984

                        Hey,i am Anna,and i am 21.I have just 1 year working in Dublin so i don’t have many friends for going out,having a chat,sharing a “tear” :))) here is my email address :
                        I would be happy to meet new giilrs 😉

                      •  Nathania #43997

                          Hi, I’m nathania and I’m 21. I’m originally from dublin but moved around to different countries for a while so I haven’t settled in here yet. I would love to meet some new people and would definitely e up for coffee and girls nights out. Here’s my email [URL=]N…@h…[/URL]

                        •  Nathania #43998

                   hmm that link didn’t work at all haha hopefully I got it right this time

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