Girl 25, South Dublin looking for socialising friends!Gym buddy would be a bonus

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  •  jessobrien #51935

      My name is Jess, I’m 25 and moved to Dublin in recently for work. Would like to expand my “social circle” and start enjoying Dublin and meet new people in similar situations. I’m a typical girl love shopping and going out for dinner but would also love to meet people into fitness to have a gym buddy too! Pop me a reply if you’re like minded! 🙂

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    •  Denise_om #51937

        Hey Jess, I’m 25 too and moved up to Dublin a few months ago. I live up on the north side of Dublin and am working full time up here. What hobbies are you into and do you stay up here at weekends? Whereabouts in Ireland are you from? 😊

        •  jessobrien #51938

            Hi Denise.
            I’m up from Tipperary myself I moved in September. I am your typical girl I love shopping, makeup, going for a lunch and dinner and out for drinks but I also like outdoor hobbies and like going running and doing walks and activists etc too! What about yourself where are you from have you any particular interests or hobbies? I tend to go home at the weekends if I’m off but moreso because I’ve nothing to do when I’m here so I’m not against staying up obviously!

        •  Denise_om #51951

            Hey jess, I’m in the same boat, I don’t really have many people to go do stuff at weekends either so I head some too. Do you want to add me on snapchat and we can catch up there? My username is denise_om 🙂

          •  key1171 #51954

              Hi Ladies,

              im the same boat here too. Live in lucan. I do be out in Blessington alot on drives (boredom) love the lakes. looking to meet a few new people to get out and about with.

              •  Newbie1 #52196

                  Hi Seen you ad , hope you get in touch as in same boat.Lost my phone and contacts anyway my number is 0862729150.

              •  Zoe03 #51967

                  Hi Jess,
                  I’m 25 and have also recently moved to Dublin for work. I love shopping, eating out, going for coffee. I try and go to the gym during the week but it can be a struggle! I don’t know that many people up here so would be great to get to know like minded people. Let me know what you think!

                  •  Ms876 #52143

                      Hi Key, I live in Blessington!

                  •  jessobrien #51968

                      Hi Girls!

                      Sounds like loads of people are in the same boat at me so I don’t feel so bad now 🙊 Maybe ye could pop me an email I’m on [email protected] and we could chat for a bit that way privately and maybe organise to meet up some time! Thanks for the replies 😊😊

                    •  Tara #52022

                        I dont feel as bad now knowing theres others in the same situation! Ive just recently moved to Dublin and dont know anyone around so would be interested in getting to know ye! I love coffee food travel gym, all the usual stuff!

                      •  SamaraBlaize #52026

                          Hey Jess and Co!

                          I’m Samara, I’m 28. I’ve just moved to Dublin from Australia. I’ve settled into work and home life, now I’m just missing the social aspect. I’m into fashion, movies, music, travel, adventures, being outdoors and seeing the sites. Oh and I’m a big foodie! I’m keen to get into some fitness, just actually doing some research now. Keen to meet friends to do all of this with : ) Feel free to email me too at [email protected] and we can go from there : )

                          •  Newbie1 #52055

                              Hi ladie I’m in same boat. Love gym too Jess and anyone else I’m from Harold’s Cross .please contact me for any thing 0862729150.
                              Looking forward to some good nights out etc

                          •  scryptyc #52097


                              33 year old guy here. Looking for new friends.

                              I don’t do the gym but I do socialising, and I create my own fitness at home, walks and exercise bike as well as cycling into work so fitness is key, just not in the gym for me.

                            •  Aine #52101

                                Hi Jess, Im 24 and also living in south Dublin! Id like to meet some new people for socialising and gym-going.

                              •  debby07 #52114

                                  Hey hi girls..
                                  I am Deborah ( but my friends call me Debby .. 😀 ) m 23, from South Sydney, Australia.. m here for my internship for 6 months and looking for a cool gang of girls to go out shopping, movies, pubs and gym.. If you are interested, we can plan something for this weeked.. Drop me a text on [email protected] and would love to catch up.. !!

                                •  Lilala #52124

                                    Hey girls ! I’m Lila I’m 27. Same here, just moving and want to meet some new people! I’m into traveling, meeting new people and culture. If some of you are interested to join, I climb and hike here. Otherwise I like movies and pub so if you want to join during the week ?
                                    Cheers girls !

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                                  •  Maria #52145

                                      Hey girls, 25, new to Dublin, looking for some socialising too, maybe a few drinks, dinner, tea gym etc – I am based in Ranelgh. If anyone wants to have a chat about and arrange meeting up some time – Feel free to send me an email: [email protected] 🙂

                                      •  iss90 #52194

                                          Hello i am Osumanu from Ghana and i just moved to Ireland and i wish to be your friend,hope to hear from you.thanks.

                                      •  Shane #52147

                                          Hi Jess (and everyone else),

                                          In the same boat as a lot of you guys. Got some great friends but just looking to expand my social circle. I’ve already met a couple of really cool people through this site. I lived in Australia for 7 or 8 months and used a similar one and am still friends with those I met. So these sites are great for just meeting like minded people.
                                          I’m a 25 year old guy. I like reading, sports, travelling (it’s my mission to travel to every country in my lifetime😅) and cooking.
                                          Anyone fancies meeting up for a drink or bit of lunch then hit me up on [email protected]

                                          •  Viiicky #52187

                                              Hey guys. I’m looking to expand my social circle too!! 🙂 north Dublin, 23. Like all the typical things in life! Brunches, coffee, drinking.. And the gym (added hesitantly ha) hit me up if yous want to organise something 😀 [email protected]

                                          •  Hannah93 #52188

                                              Hi gals 🙂 My name is Hannah & I’m 23 from Dublin. Recently graduated college and working just outside of the city center. Love the usually girly things (shopping, brunch, nightouts etc.). Looking to expand my social circle as my close friends work shifts and I find myself bored on the weekends. Drop me a message if you’d like to arrange to meet up!

                                            •  iss90 #52192

                                                Hello my name is Osumanu
                                                from Ghana i just moved to Ireland i want a friend like you to move with,thanks.

                                              •  Newbie1 #52195

                                                  Hi Jess, I’m in the same boat also looking for a gym buddy as have all clear to start back training. Can’t wait.Also love to do all girly things, hope you get in touch 0862729150.

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