Girl 33, looking to meet new friends no matter the age.

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  •  Cris83 #51994

      My name is Cristina, I’m a single mum living in Tallaght but originally from Spain (but no one ever guessed right since I don’t look or sound Spanish)

      I lived in Ireland for 6 years and went back home for a few years.Since I came back to Ireland I have been lonely, losted contact with the friends I had before cause they were my ex’s friends.

      I’m open to any age, love going to the movies, out for dinner, I love going dancing ( it’s like stress therapy for me), shopping, I’m very chatty and good listener.

      I love to meet people and form a good friendship.

      Have a great day 😜

    •  Katiewithak2503 #51996

        Hey Christina, I live in tallaght as well but I’m from down the country. We should go for a coffee 🙂

        •  Redplonk #52863

            I’d love to meet up too. Im based in Firhouse 😃

        •  Cris83 #52002

            Sure I’m up for that, [email protected]

          •  aplus #52006

              Hi Cristina. I’m 25 and a postgraduate student. Would love to meet you and know you more 🙂 Msg me if interested 🙂

            •  Cool Mam72 #52036

                Hi Cristina
                I’m a single mam living in tallaght too.Be great to meet up.I will send you a mail ☺

              •  Pat #52302

                  Hi all,
                  Is there any plans to meet ? I would like to be part of. Thank you.

                •  lyndsay123 #52494

                    Hey Chirstina mail me we can arrange a coffee 😀

                  •  Farah #52522

                      Hi there ladies. I’m also a single mum in tallaght on holiday visiting my mum till the end of May. Would love to be involved in any meet ups and make some friends around the area! Drop me a mail! 🙂

                    •  AnnSunny #52607

                        Hi Ladies, I’m a mum, 39 yrs (a young 39😊) looking to make some new friends. Love socialising, going for coffee or drinks. I live in Kimmage, not too far from Tallaght. Would love to meet up for coffee soon if anyone is free,

                        •  Dayna #52845

                            Hi AnnSunny, posting here as I don’t know how to msg you direct. Email if you’d like to have a chat [email protected].

                            Same to all you other lovely ladies.

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                        •  mahe094 #52657

                            i am small but want to explore a bit ..i inspired by smiles around me .i live in today . give a shot email [email protected]

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                          •  Ola #52827

                              Hello Chris,

                              This is Ola here. Just had a bit of free time on my hand with all academic institutions closing for the summer break. Just finished with my studies and would love to meet for coffee, movies et al. Is any meetup being organised? Email shouts is welcome
                              [email protected]

                            •  Dayna #52844

                                Hi Christina. Would be great to meet up. Email [email protected] if you’d like to exchange numbers and have a chat.

                              •  Sherall #52850

                                  Hi Christina you sound lovely and yes it’s so easy to be in a bug busy city and feel lonely. I’m on other side of Dublin out near airport so I don’t know if that’s too far to arrange meeting for coffee sometime. I have children ranging in ages 26 to 8 and recently found myself out of work sick and nor used to having so much time on my hands.

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