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  •  Jo #41875

      Hi all
      New to anything like this , I’m 30 and looking to make new friends , hoping for some nice friends go for for coffee, chats , wander around shops etc
      Hoping to hear from some lovely people x

    •  Fi #41895

        Hiya, I rambled here because I’m looking for the exact same thing. I’m 26 and from Dublin, would love to chat more. Not really sure how this site works so I’m afraid to write my email but if there’s a way of pm-ing?x

        •  sandra #41903


            looking for similiar! Feel free to contact at http://scr.im/2xfe if you’re also new to Dublin and looking to meet new people for coffee, chat cinema etc!

        •  [email protected] #41908

            Hi there! Exactly in the same situation. I’m 31 and althought I’m not new in Dublin I have not been able to make friends outside of my workplace. I’m looking to meet/make a group of friends to go out/coffee/cinema..You can contact me in http://scr.im/2xff.

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