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      I am a 27-year-old girl who is looking for new female friends. I have been living in Dublin for half a year but it does not mean I have met a lot of people.

      I would like to hang out, have a coffee&cake, go to the cinema, go shopping or go some special activity such as cooking, dance, Zumba…Even, go to some concert or organize a weekend trip!

      Not only I am looking for a new female friends to have a girly space. My boyfriend and I would be very happy to find a group of friends or couples to go out and chat for a while on the weekends.

      If you are interested in it! Do not hesitate to contact me!! See you soon!! 🙂

    •  ClaireAnne #46505

        Hi There,

        Im actually simelar to you too. Im 27 and i live in dublin. Its always lovely to make new girl mates. Im living with my boyfriend although we do have one or two other friends who are couples too, we dont always see them too often.

        I like going out for drinks or dinner or chats over tea/coffee. Walks in the park,cycling, shopping cinema going out dancing.

        my email is if youd like to get in touch 🙂

      •  Laylipops #46859

          Hi there!

          I’m 25 and I have been living in Swords (North Dublin) for nearly 3 years. It has been very hard for me to meet new people as I have been working full time since I arrived. I also have a boyfriend so that would be great to have groups/couples meetups!
          Anyways, don’t hesitate to let me know if you are interested. My email address:
          Take care!

        •  Emily #46874

            Hiya, Myself and my boyfriend have just moved up to Dublin and we would love another couple to hang out with! I am a 21 year old and he is 23. We are a bit lost in Dublin at the moment and it would be great to meet some people to make us feel a bit more at home 🙂

            Here is my facebook page. Dont hesitate to add me if you would like to something as a couple!


            Hope to hear from you soon! 🙂

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