Girl looking for new friends in Galway!

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  •  Armelle #46255

      Hi everyone,

      My name is Armelle I’m a 24 years old French girl. I’m in Galway for 6 weeks for an internship, I’m working during the day so it’s hard to meet new people.
      I’m looking for new friends male or female to hang out on the evenings and the weekends, have a pint, go to gigs, visit the area or whatever!

      Looking forward to meeting you ! 😉


    •  Ehsan #46256

        Hi Armelle,

        I arrived today from Germany and will be here for work for the next 4 weeks. So would be nice to discover the city together if you like to !? It’s probably more fun together than being alone 😉


        •  Armelle #46269

            Hi Ehsan,

            I’ve been in Galway for a good week now and I’m starting to know my way around the city center so I would be happy to meet you and show you around if you like! But I’m working until 5 or 6 pm every day except on the weekend so I hope it’s ok with you.

            You can contact me on my email address:

            See you soon 😉

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