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  •  Mags #44178

      Hi my name is mags, and I’m looking to meet some new friends in Dublin. after 5 years I decided to leave my boyfriend, and start all over again.
      I love going out socialising, cocktails, dancing. I love going to cinema, as walks.
      I enjoy meeting up for coffee and girl chat!..

    •  Maggs #44203

        Hi mags,

        Hope your ok from the breakup.I know the feeling 🙂
        If you want a coffee and chat , feel free to get in touch

        •  Mags #44216

            Hey maggs,
            I’m doing good, nly seen msgs now!
            My email is
            Chat soon x

        •  missy #44205

            Hey Mags…

            whats you email?

            chat to u over there

            A x

          •  aoife #44219

              Hi. Not sure what exactly to say here. Congrats on the new start, hope to hear from you soon x

              •  Mags #44235

                  Hey Aoife,
                  Thanks a mill

                  •  Mags #44236

                      Hey Aoife
                      Tnx a mill

                •  Jamie #44242

                    Hi Mags,
                    I’m in the exact same boat as you decided to leave my boyfriend after almost 4 years, feel free to get in touch & we can chat/hang out

                  •  Mags #44247

                      Hey Jamie
                      Hope ur ok, get in touch 🙂 x

                    •  Ciara #44317

                        Hi girls,
                        Im 19 and living in ashbourne but working as a care assistant in Dublin. I work 3-4 nights a week so its hard to make friends. I recently broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years so am feeling very isolated and lonely. Would love yo meet new people and make friends. 🙂

                      •  Kim #44323

                          Hi I’m in a really similar position as mags, would love to get in touch. x

                        •  Mags #44342

                            Hey Ciara My email is, get in touch xx

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