Girls from Meath looking to make new friends!

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  •  Laura #52137

      Hi girls! Im looking to meet new girls to chat to and meet up for coffee, drinks, cinema etc.. I have drifted from most of my school friends so I’m hoping to meet some new girls to hang out with. Message me if your interested 🙂

    •  HelloWorld20 #52180

        Hey there! I’m from kildare, so maybe a little far but just wanted to say hello! Looking for friends also as I have drifted aaway from school friends to so can relate! Would be nice to hang out or chat if you like , 🙂 Annie

        •  Laura #52242

            Hi Annie thano you for your reply. I would love to chat with you I’m glad there’s others like me out there! Send me an email if you wish 😊 [email protected]

        •  tori16 #52333

            Hey Laura.

            I’m in Ashbourne & my situation sounds very similar to yours! My e-mail is [email protected] if you would like to chat some more 😀

          •  Mercy #52438

              Hi Laura! I’m from Navan I’ve also become distant from my old school friends. I’d love to meet up if your interested

            •  Mandinka #52444

                Hi Laura, I’m in Kildare and its the exact same for me as I have completely drifted from my friends. Would love to meet up. Txs Paula.

              •  diamonds189113 #52455

                  Hey Laura..
                  I’m Martina but I prefer Tina.. how are u doing?? I’m living in
                  Duleek, co meath and do need to make new friends. Most of my friends have gone abroad and others settled down and moved away. I currently nurse my mother full time and she is doing great. I’d be delighted to have a chat with u. I have a bubbly sense of humour and very genuine and loyal to my friends. I do hope to here from u. My email is [email protected]

                •  Helene55 #52606

                    Hey I’m in Cavan not far and in exact same situation drifted from most people from. School and college would be nice to make new friends not to far away email me if interested at [email protected] don’t wanna put my Facebook up on this lol 🙂

                  •  Sinéad #52703

                      Hi Laura,

                      I am living in Dunboyne and looking to meet new friends as I have lost touch with old ones. Where in Meath are you living?


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