Great sense of humour looking to make some friends for girly chats over wine

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  •  Toni #45838

      hi, I recently moved to Dublin and find all my friends are in the UK.
      I am originally from South Africa and travelled a bit. Looking to make new friends here in Dublin. Miss friend where you can just pop over and have a good old chat and setting the world straight while enjoying a glass or two. I have a great sense of humour and love laughing. Al so enjoy a good meal (going out or cooking one) and doing activities. Anyone interested?

    •  Toni #45839

        Oops forgot to add my age, officially 32 but tell everyone I am 29 lol

      •  Bobbie #45874

          HI Toni,

          I’m a 30 years old girl, have been living in Dublin over 3 years. I enjoy music, movies, dancing, nights out and a good chat 🙂 I’m looking to expand my circle of friends and I really liked your post.

          Let me know if you want to grab a cup of coffee/tea/whatever you like.

          You can contact me on

          Hope to chat soon 🙂


        •  Ali #45877

            Hi toni, whats your email x

          •  Luciana #45879

              Hi there, I’m Luciana, 32 years old from Argentina. I’d like to join this group Toni, Bobbie an so on. All my friends have came back and I’d love meet new people.
              Email me if u like

            •  Michelle #45913

                Hi Toni.
                And Bobbie.
                And Ali.
                And Luciana.

                I wanna join this fine wine gals club! 🙂

                (oficially 27 but tell everyone I am 25) 🙂


              •  Zilda Mathews #45915

                  Good day my dear I’m Zilda, Please reply( have something very important to discuss with you ok

                •  Michaela #45920

                    I’m Michaela aged 25, from Newcastle upon Tyne. I am due to move to Dublin in a few weeks time as I have a new job. I would love to get to know some people before hand so when I move over I will know someone.
                    My interests include socalising, dancing, eating out, shopping and a good girly chat sounds fab!!


                  •  Noranne #45953

                      Hey. My name is Noranne, 26. Just moved to Dublin last week. Would love to meet ye for coffee sometime or go for a few drinks. My email address is 🙂

                    •  Noranne #45954

                        Ignore address above, my email is

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