Just arrived from SF & looking for people to hang out with!

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  •  judithstra #52274

      Hi there! I just landed in Dublin after a 2y adventure in San Francisco. Don’t be fooled though, I’m originally from Belgium (that tiny ass country in between the Netherlands and France with great chocolate).

      I’m (28F) not really the “by myself” type so I would love to hang out with people. Male or female. I like to do brunch with others, do movie nights, cook together, go to theater plays, play board games, get drinks, discover new coffee shops and restaurants, go to museums… basically anything fun! Did I mention I like food? Mmm french toast.

      I have a doggie, that is joining me in a month, so if you like dogs but you don’t have one, feel free to play with mine!

      If you’re interested, ping me or leave an email address and I’ll get in touch!

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      • This topic was modified 6 years, 3 months ago by  judithstra.
    •  Shane #52290

        Hey 👋

        My name is Shane and I’m just looking to meet some new people as well. I know your tiny little country. In fact I’ve been thee and I love it! Beer and chocolate everywhere!

        I think we have a lot in common actually. I love to cook and play board games too. I also love going out and finding new bars, Cafes and restaurants.

        It’s cool that you’ve done a bit of travelling like that. I’ve done a lot of travelling myself.

        Btw I live dogs. I have a collie🐶 and I actually work with dogs everyday.

        Anyways if you ever want to meet up for a drink, coffee, lunch or whatever then give me a shout on…
        [email protected]

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