Help: Searching for My Friend James-more Details

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      I met James when I was traveling to Argentina during February 2011 and I would like to contact him.

      He is Irish and 30 years old (was born in November). His first name is James and he has another two names more. The middle, I do not remember and the third I think is Williams. His last name is Good. He has a sister living in Dublin but his lives in a small town which I do not recall the name.

      He works for Heineken and during the weekends is a freelance sport journalist for BBC (women soccer and rubby). He was in Buenos Aires-Argentina in February 2011 and also in Brazil. Hi visited the water falls there. If someone can identify him, PLEASE I will greatly appreciate to receive info on know how to contact him. My name is Nancy, I am from Argentina but I live in Brussels-Belgium.

      Thanks in advance!!

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